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05.1 CF Gastroentero

Combining forms for the Gastroenterology unit.

abdomin/o- abdomen
absorpt/o- absorb; take in
aden/o- gland
adhes/o- to stick to
aliment/o- food; nourishment
amyl/o- carbohydrate; starch
anastom/o- create an opening between two structures
an/o- anus
aphth/o- ulcer
append/o- appendix
appendic/o- appendix
ascit/o- ascites
bili/o- bile; gall
bi/o- life; living organisms; living tissue
cancer/o- cancer
carcin/o- cancer
cec/o- cecum
celi/o- abdomen
cellul/o- cell
cheil/o- lip
chez/o- to pass feces
chlor/o- chloride
cholangi/o- bile duct
chol/e- bile; gall
cholecyst/o- gallbladder
choledoch/o- common bile duct
cirrh/o- yellow
col/o- colon
colon/o- colon
constip/o- compacted feces
contin/o- hold together
degluti/o- swallowing
digest/o- break down food; digest
diverticul/o- diverticulum
duoden/o- duodenum
emet/o- to vomit
emulsific/o- droplets of fat suspended in a liquid
enter/o- intestine
esophag/o- esophagus
fec/a- feces; stool
fec/o- feces; stool
flatul/o- flatus (gas)
gastr/o- stomach
gloss/o- tongue
gustat/o- the sense of taste
hemat/o- blood
hemorrh/o- a flowing of blood
hemorrhoid/o- hemorrhoid
hepat/o- liver
herni/o- hernia
hiat/o- gap; opening
hydr/o- water; fluid
incis/o- to cut into
infect/o- disease within
inguin/o- groin
mandibul/o- mandible (lower jaw)
ile/o- ileum
intestine/o- intestine
intussuscep/o- to receive within
jaund/o- yellow
jejun/o- jejunum
kin/o- movement
lact/o- milk
lapar/o- abdomen
lingu/o- tongue
lith/o- stone
lip/o- lipid (fat)
log/o- word; the study of
magnet/o- magnet
mastic/o- chewing
nas/o- nose
obstip/o- severe constipation
obstruct/o- blocked by a barrier
omphal/o- umbilicus; navel
operat/o- perform a procedure; surgery
orex/o- appetite
or/o- mouth
ot/o- ear
pancreat/o- pancreas
pelv/o- pelvis (hip bone; renal pelvis)
pepsin/o- pepsin
peps/o- digestion
pept/o- digestion
perfor/o- to have an opening
peritone/o- peritoneum
periton/o- peritoneum
phag/o- eating; swallowing
pharyng/o- pharynx (throat)
polyp/o- polyp
proct/o- rectum
pyr/o- fire; burning
pylor/o- pylorus
rect/o- rectum
regurgitat/o- flow backward
resect/o- to cut out; remove
rotat/o- rotate
rub/o- red
saliv/o- saliva
scop/o- examine with an instrument
sial/o- saliva; salivary gland
sigmoid/o- sigmoid colon
son/o- sound
spast/o- spasm
splen/o- spleen
stal/o- contraction
steat/o- fat
stomat/o- mouth
tom/o- cut; slice; layer
transplant/o- move something to another place
ulcerat/o- ulcer
umbilic/o- umbilicus; navel
ventr/o- front; abdomen
vir/o- virus
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