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Block VI, Unit 6

Installation Personnel Readiness

Under the Requirement Development Phase, who develops RFFs/RFCs and routes them through the Joint Staff for validation? (6-2) CCDRs
Who queries the AEF Libraries to identify/select the most appropriate sourcing solutions to meet the SECDEF's approved course of action? (6-2) Both the C-MAJCOM and AFPC/DPW
How long do MAJCOM's have to either verify the requirement or submit a reclama? (6-2) 10 days
During the Verification and Validation Phase, was does the verification confirm? (6-2) The associated personnel and equipment are qualified to fill the tasking
What is a centralized function aligned under LRS and is the focal point for all deployment and execution ops, responsible for gathering and presenting decision quality info to installation/wing leadership? (6-3) Installation Deployment Readiness Cell (IDRC)
What does the permanent staff include in the IDRC? (6-3) IDO, Logistic Plans, and IPR Personnel
Who manages all deployment readiness and training aspects for all deployable personnel and equipment within their unit to ensure they are deployment ready? (6-4) UDMs
If a unit cannot meet all taskings, when is relief sought? (6-4) When a wing or tasked unit does not possess sufficient or qualified personnel to support a tasking or the tasking is impossible to meet or will shut down critical elements of the home station mission.
What is the formal process to "request to duly constituted authority to reconsider its decision or its proposed action" (JP 1-02)? (6-4) A reclama
Where does the commander submit a UTC shortfall through the reclama process to? (6-5) Shortfall Validation Team (Manpower, IPR, LRS Plans and Integration, AFSC Manager, to the Wing Commander)
Who submits the shortfall, on behalf of the CC, to the MAJCOM? (6-5) IDO
Who establishes a PDF IAW AFI 36-3802 and AFI 10-403? (6-5) The IDO and MPS Chief
What are the PDF responsibilities? (6-5/6) (1)Establishes deployment eligibility and medical stations for processing deploying forces (2)Coordinate w/ IDO and Trans and provide travel info to IPR (3)Advise CCs when personnel selected are ineligible (4)Uses DCAPES via IPR to develop CED orders
In addition to producing CED orders, what other items does the PDF use DCAPES for?(6-6) (1)LOGMOD updates or changes to personnel info to the IDO as they occur (2)Instructs all deploying personnel to report to the deployed personnel processing facility, normally a PERSCO team, for in-processing
What processing actions are included in PDF Processing Line Actions? (6-6) (1)New ID Tags (2)SGLI (3)vRED (4)AF Form 245 (5)Coordinate with base activities (finance, legal, chaplain, medical, PA)
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