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Block VI, Unit 5


Define "Recall" To ask or order to return.
What do individual units put in place for when military members need to be contacted or returned? Recall procedures
Under what circumstances might a recall take place? An exercise, real world accountability, disasters or emergencies.
What is a Communications Out Recall? Used when communications systems are inoperable.
What are Noncombatant Evacuation Operations? Directed by the Department of State, the DoD or other appropriate authorities to evacuate noncombatants from areas of danger overseas to safe havens or to the U.S.
What are the policy objectives of NEO? 1) Protect U.S. citizens (evacuate to stable areas and ensure their welfare); 2) Reduce U.S. citizens' risk of death, injury, capture; 3) Reduce U.S. citizens in probable/actual combat areas to avoid impairing combat effectiveness.
What is critical to ensure all noncombatants are safely evacuated during an NEO? Accounting for all personnel.
What is Strength Accountability? One of the six elements of Total Force Accountability. PERSCO maintains accountability over all personnel on the ground, including transients, at their deployed and designated geographically separated locations, regardless of status.
What are transients? Personnel who spend at least one night in billeting at a location but are enroute to their final duty location.
What is Transient Accountability? One of the six elements of Total Force Accountability. PERSCO, in coordination with deployed services (lodging), tracks arrival and departure of these personnel as outlined by the on-site commander and/or the component command guidance.
Who initiates Air Force Total Force Accountability actions via established command and control procedures? The Air Force Crisis Action Team Director
Who are the first and most critical link when it comes to establishing accountability? Unit commanders
What is the Air Force's accountability goal? 100% of all personnel within 48 hours of a catastrophic event
In addition to the Defense Manpower Data Center (which gathers data from DEERS and other systems), from what other source do bases pull information into AFPAAS? MILPDS
What does AFPAAS allow personnel to do? 1) Report accountability status; 2) update contact/local information; 3) complete needs assessments; and 4) view reference information.
Created by: POCRaptors
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