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Block VI, Unit 4

Wartime Systems

What system is the DOD-directed single, integrated joint command and control system for conventional operation planning and execution (to include theater-level nuclear and chemical plans)? (4-2) Joint Operation Planning and Execution System (JOPES)
Within DCAPES, what is menu driven and provides an automated tool for force accountability of deployed forces and requirements to include strength and casualty reporting including locations with est. PERSCO teams and GSUs? (4-4) The software
What provides a capability for the planner to create and modify a TPFDD file and build a force list? (4-3) JOPES Edit Tool (JET)
What is used, as the name implies, by the Air Force for planning and executing operations plans? (4-4) Deliberate Crisis Action Planning and Execution Segment (DCAPES)
What provides support to deployed PERSCO teams via the DCAPES PERSCO Web Application, which is a web-based software product that allows real-time access and update of data on all servers? (4-4) Deliberate Crisis Action Planning and Execution Segment (DCAPES)
What is the primary purpose of Air Force JOPES Editing Tool (AFJET)? (4-4) To allow AF planners to update and maintain JOPES TPFDDs.
Which of the three main components of DCAPES replicates the JOPES Editing Tool functions and adds additional functionality. (4-4) Air Force JOPES Editing Tool (AFJET)
Within AFJET, AF planners can now ___________ and ____________ requirements associated within an OPLAN or copy any requirement associated with one OPLAN to another OPLAN. (4-4) Create and Edit
What are the three main components of DCAPES? (4-4) 1. Air Force JOPES Editing Tool (AFJET) 2. UTC Management (UTM) 3. Air Force Query Tool (AFQT)
The IDO sends requirements to the appropriate _________ via LOGMOD? (4-4) UDM
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