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Chapter 12

Blood System

agglutinogen substance that cuases aglutination
agranulocyte leukocyte with nongranular cytoplasm
albumin simple protein found in plasma
basophil leukocyte containing heparin and histamine
blood fluid circulated through the body
blood types clssification of blood according to its antegen and antibody qualities
coagulation changing of liquid into semisolid
agglutination clumping of cells and particles in blood
electrophoresis process of separating particles n solution by passing electricity thru liquid
eosinophil type of granulocyte
erythrocyte mature red blood cell
erythropoietin hormone released by kidneys to stimulate red blood cell production
fibrin clot clot forming threads formed at site of injury during coagulation where platelets clump together
fibrinogen protein in plasma that iads in clotting
gamma globulin globulin that arises in lymphatic tissue and functions as part of immune system
globin protein molecule in blood part of hemoglobin
globulin any of family of proteins in plasma
granulocyte lekuocyte in granular cytoplasm
hematocrit measure of percentage of rbc in blood
hematocytoblast immature blood cell
heme pigment containing iron in hemoglobin
heparin substance in blood that prevents clotting
histamine released by basophils andeosinophls involved in allergic reactions
leukocyte mature white blood cell
lymphocytee type of agranulocyte
megakaryocyte large cells in red bone marrow that form platelets
monocyte type of agranulocyte
neutrophil type of leukocyte; granulocyte
plasma liquid portion o fblood
platelet thrombocyte part of megakaryocyte that initiates clotting
plasmapheresis process of removing blood centrifuging and returing only rbc back
prothrombin type of plasma protein that helps clot
rbc formed from stem cells and has hemoglin within
rbc count measurement of rbc in cubin millimeter of blood
rh facts type of antigen in blood that can causea transfusinon reaction
rh negative lacking rh factor on surface of cells
rh positive having rh factor on surface
serum liquid left after blood has clotted
stem cell immature cell formed in bone marrow that becomes differentiated into either a rbc or wbc
thrombin enzyme that helps clot formation
thrombocyte platelet cell fragment that produces thrombin
thromboplasin pretin that aids in forming fibrin clot
transfusion injection of donor blood into one needing blood
wbc from stemcells that plays role in defense against disease
agglutino agglutinin
esosino esinophil
erythro red
hemo hemato blood
leuko white
phaog eating, devouring
thrombo blood clot
appt activated partial thromboplastin
baso basophil
bcp biochemistry panel
bmt bone marrow transplant
cbc complete blood count
diff differential blood count
eos eosinophils
esr erythrocyte sedimentation rate
gcsf granulocyte colony stimulating factor
gm csf granulocyte macrophage colony stimulating factor
hct hematocrit
hgb hb hemoglobin
mch mean corpuscular hemoglobin
mchc mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration
mcv mean corpuscular volume
mono monocyte
pcv packed cell volume
plt platelet count
pmnn poy polymorphononuclear neutrophil
pt prothrombin time
ptt partial thromboplastin time
rbc red blood cell count
sr sed rate sedimentation rate
seg segmented mature white blood cells
wbc white blood cell count
blood chemistry test of plasma for presence of most substances
complete blod count common screen for basic medical cehckup
biochemistry panel group of autoamted tests for various common diseases or disorders
blood indices measureent of size, volume and content of rbc
blood culture test of blood specimen in culture in which microorgaisms are observes, infections
erythrocyte sedimentation rate rate which rbc fall thru plasma, inflammtion or injury
wbc differential; rbc morphology test for number of leukocytes or shape of rbc
platelet count test for number of thrombocytes in sample
partial thromboplastin time test for coagulation defects
prothrombin time test for coagulation defects
antiglobulin test test for antibodies on rbc
wbc count nuber of wbc in sample
rbc count number of rbc in sample
hemoglobin level of hemoglin in blood
hematocrit measure of packed rbc in sample shows percent of rbc
mean corpusuclar volume volume of individual cells
mean corpusuclar hemoglin weight of hemoglin in average red blood cell
mean corpusular hemoglin concentration concentration of hemoglobin in rbc
antiglobulin test test for antibodies on rbc
phlebotomy; venipuncture insetion of needle into vein
sma sequential multiple analyzer original blod chemistry machine
anemia condition in which rbc doesnt transport enough oxygen to tissues
anisocytosis condition with abnormal variation in size of rbc
basophilia condition with increased number ofbasophils
dyscrasia any disease with abnormal particeles in blood
eosinophilia condition with abnormal number of eosinophils
erythroblastosis fetalis incombatibility disorder beteen mother with rh negative and fetus rh positive
erythropenia disorder with abnormally low number of rbc
granulocytosis condition with abnormal umber of granulocytes in bloodstream
hemochromatosis hereditary condition with excessive iron buildup in blood
hemolysis disorder with breakdown of rbc membrane
hemophilia hereditary disorder with lack of clotting factor in blood
leukemia general term for number of disorders with excessive wbc in bloodstream and bone marrow
macrocytosis disorder with abnormally large rbc
microcytosis disorder with abnormally small rbc
multiple myeloma malignant tumor of bone marrow
myeloblast immature granulocytes
pancytopenia condition with low number of blood components
poikilocytosis disorder with irregularly shaped rbc
polycythemia disorder with abnormal increase in rbc and hemoglobin
purpura condition with multiple tiny hemorrhages under skin
reticulocytosis disorder with abnormal number of immature erythrocytes
thalassemia hereditary disorder characterized by inability to produce sufficient hemoglobin
thrombocytopenia bleeding condition with insufficientproduction of platelets
von willebrands disease hemorrhagic disorder with tendency to bleed from mucous membrane
bone marrow biopsy extraction of bone marrow by means of needle
bone marrow transplant injection of donor bone marrow into patient who disease cells have killed thru radation and chemotherapy
anticoagulant prevents formation of blood clots
coagulant clotting agent
hemostatic stops bleeding
relapse recurrence of disease
remission disappearance of disease for time
thrombolytic dissolves blood clots
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