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2S051 Volume 2 - URE

2S051 Volume 2 - Unit Review Exercises Only

1. (202) When preparing an issue request, which copy of what form is used by the point of submission as a control register for determining the next available document serial number? C. Copy 2 of AF Form 2005.
2. (201) What one position alpha code is used to indicate how the MMS accumulates demand data for stock leveling and due in from maintenance (DIFM) control? A. Demand Code.
3. (201) Organizations may identify their issue requests to Base Supply using either a... D. Stock number or part number.
4. (202) Which management notice is a result of issue processing and reflects issue, kill, or backorder quantity status? A. I004
5. (202) An I007 management notice will be produced when a... B. Part number request cannot be converted to a stock number under program control.
6. (203) What MMS output notifies the core automated maintenance system (CAMS) of changes in due-out status? 2. 1SH
7. (204) Which organization contacts sources of supply directly to obtain status, lateral support, or other assistance? D. LSC
8. (204) Who is responsible for ensuring that all local resources are exhausted prior to submitting a mission capability (MICAP) requisition to the source of supply? D. Both Material Management and Maintenance.
9. (204) What code on the MICAP report (DIC B9x) identifies the reason for the out-of-stock condition that existed at the time of the MICAP requisition? D. Cause.
10. (204) What core automated maintenance system (CAMS) data screen is used to reconcile the maintenance status of a MICAP requisition? D. 731.
11. (204) What code found on the MICAP report (DIC B9x) identifies the reason for termination of the MICAP condition? C. Delete code.
12. (205) Which report is transmitted to the applicable source of supply to report the initiation, termination, or change to a MICAP condition? B. MICAP report (B9*)
13. (205) Y-type details are internally established and maintained in the supply computer for how many days after a MICAP termination? D. 90.
14. (205) After how many days of computer downtime must manual MICAP reporting be accomplished for MICAP incidents? D. 1 day (Can you verify?)
15. (206) Which due-in from maintenance (DIFM) detail record indicates an issue to Maintenance? b. Firm.
16. (206) Which listing is used to perform the due in from maintenance (DIFM) reconciliation? c. D23.
17. (207) Which listing is an important tool for monitoring status and maintaining visibility of due in from maintenance (DIFM) assets? c. D23.
18. (208) How many copies of the AF Form 2005, Turn-in Request, are required for turn-in preparation? c. Three.
19. (208) Which action taken code indicates an item is not authorized base level repair? b. 1.
20. (209) What term is used to describe selected XD items that are candidates for two-level repair? d. Depot-level reparables.
21. (210) What is the source of data Supply uses to process turnaround transactions? d. AFTO Form 350.
22. (211) What TRIC is not an option for processing after dispositions instructions for an unserviceable asset has been received? a. ISU.
23. (212) Which input is used for initial stockage and replenishment of a supply point? b. ISU.
24. (213) Mobility readiness spares package (MRSP) assets are designed to allow support of a weapon system in a deployed location for how many days before resupply is necessary? b. 60.
25. (213) What transaction identification code (TRIC) is used to load the serial number/control record for RSP authorizations? c. 1EB.
26. (213) What program is used to perform the readiness spares package (RSP) reconciliation? b. S05.
27. (213) What transaction identification code (TRIC) is used to issue assets from a mobility readiness spares package (MRSP) to the user? b. MSI.
28. (213) The decision to transfer Mobility readiness spares package (MRSP) rests with the host and the c. gaining MAJCOM.
29. (213) Mobility readiness spares package (MRSP) will be inventoried within how many days after return from a deployment? c. 10.
30. (213) What transaction identification code (TRIC) is used to assign a deployment flag on a mobility readiness spares package (MRSP) detail? b. FKD.
31. (213) For long-term deployments, what input transfers accountability of selected equipment items? b. 1ET/FME.
32. (213) Deployments are considered long-term after how many days? b. 120.
33. (213) What wartime capability system is used to conduct wartime assessments? d. PC-Aircraft Sustainability Model (PC-ASM).
34. (213) What support Aircraft Sustainability Model (ASM) is used to calculate the number of spare parts for other than wartime? b. Peacetime and combined support.
35. (214) Who is responsible to select the method for document distribution and creation? a. Team Chief.
36. (214) To account for all transactions during degraded operations, the proper paperwork must be filled out and maintained until input into the b. Materiel Management System.
37. (215) What system captures UTC assessments, identifies suitable UTCs to satisfy taskings, and helps forecast shortfalls? c. AEF Reporting Tool (ART).
38. (215) What code reflected in the operations plan (OPlan) or time phased force deployment data (TPFDD) defines the number of passengers and amount of cargo that must be moved to meet a wartime tasking? d. Unit type code (UTC).
39. (216) What information must be annotated on all documentation for small arms? c. Serial number.
40. (216) Which type mobility bag (MOBAG) contains chemical warfare defense equipment? c. C.
41. (216) Mobility bags (MOBAGS) can be built ahead of time and stored using what concept? a. Tariff-sizing.
42. (216) Shelf life assets are tracked in the Mobility Inventory Control and Accountability System (MICAS) by c. contract/lot number.
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