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Ocular Diseases # 12

Questions Ocular Injuries

What is true about a blowout fracture of the orbital floor? May entrap inferior rectus muscle and cause diplopia, May cause enophthalmos, parasathesia of the upper lid due to infraorbital nerve, and may cause enophthalmos.
What would occur in a blowout fracture of the orbital floor if there was also a significant retrobulbar hemorrhage present? May cause proptosis.
A fracture of the medial wall may involve what bone? Ethmoid bone
A small abrasion of the cornea usually heals in _________ days/hours? 24hours
If a metal foreign body is not completely removed from the cornea, what may occur? Rust ring with corneal edema and necrosis of tissue
A tear-drop pupil is indicative of what? Perforated cornea with iris incarceration
Blunt trauma to the globe may result in what (7)? Tear of the iris- iriodialysis/ Hyphema / Angle Recession/ Paralysis of iris- pupil / Cataract/ Subluxation lens with lenticulodonesis/ Glaucoma years later
What is iridodinesis? Tremulousness of the iris due to lens dislocation
Angle recession may result in what and when? Glaucoma many years later (10-20)
Alkalai burns should be irrigated until what? PH of conjunctiva is normal 7.4
Define symblepharon. Adhesion of the conjunctiva to another area of the conjunctiva.
What causes snow blindness? UV radiation from reflected light off snow
What is the name of the topical anesthetic to relieve eye pain? Proparacaine (Ophthaine is trade name)
What is the name of the drug that relieves spasms of the iris and ciliary body? Cycloplegics (Cyclopentolate for short action; Atropine for long action)
A patient who presents with firm, swollen lids, proptosis, with ecchymosis who has had eye surgery or blunt trauma may have? Retrobulbar hemorrhage
What complication is a concern for a patient who presents with firm, swollen lids, proptosis, with ecchymosis who has had eye surgery or blunt trauma? Optic nerve compression and loss of vision
What is the name of the test for a leaking anterior chamber wound? Seidel Fluorescein dye is used
A solar retinopathy is caused by what? Looking at the sun.
What is a commotio retina? Edema of the retina from a blunt trauma. Retina appears whitish and opaque.
Created by: Leequa