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Chapter 13 & 18


What is meant by "Hyponatremia"? Low levels of sodium, in the blood
What is meant by "Hypogonadism"? Low levels of sex hormones
Which endocrine gland produces "vassopressin"? Posterior lobe of the pituitary gland
What is a "Costicosteroid"? Produced by the adrenal cortex. (artificial steroid)
What is meant by "Euthyroid"? Normal thyroid hormone
What is meant by "Achondroplasia"? Deficiency of GH with defective cartilage formation. Affects bone growth
If the Dr. said you suffered from "Acromegaly", what is it and how did you get it? Hyper secretion of growth hormone, post puberty
What are "electrolytes"? Sodium, potassium, calcium, magneseum
What is ACTH and what does it do? Adrenocorticotropic hormone - stimulates the adrenal cortex
If you we diagnosed with "diabetes neuropathy" what is wrong with you? Damaged to the peripheral nerves due to high blood sugar levels
What is "cretinism" and which endocrine gland is involved? Hypo thyroidism during childhood
What is GH and what does it do? Growth Hormone. (stimulates bone growth)
What is "Hypophysectomy"? Surgical removal of the pituitary glands
What is "Gonadotropin"? A sex hormone
What is the Pituitary Gland and where is it located? Main gland of the endocrine system located in the base of the skull in the brain.
What is mean by "Goiter"? Hyperthyroidism
What is the substance "Bilirubin"? A pigment released by Red Blood Cells destruction.
What is meant by "Erythropoiesis"? Formation of Red Blood Cells
Give the accent for the following terms: Differentiation, Goiter, Myelodysplasia, Mineralocorticoid. A , Goi , Pla, Cor
Where does the "Myeloid" come from? derived from bone marrow
what is meant by "Neutropenia" Deficiency of white blood cells
What is meant by "Electrophoresis"? Separating plasma protein using an electrical charge
Which WBC has reddish, rosy granulesd, and increases in allergic reaction? Eosinophil
What is meant by "hematopoietic stem cell"? cell in the bone marrow that gives rise to all the different types of blood cells
What is the medical term for "excessive thirst"? polydipsia
What is meant by "homeostasis"? keeping perfect balance of the internal environment.
What is "immunoglobulin" and what does it do? antibody that binds and destroys antigens
What is WBC differential? Counting of each White blood cells in percentages.
Why are Blood Smears performed? To look at the red blood cells morphology
What causes "Iron-deficiency anemia"? Lack of iron in the red blood cells
What is meant by "Hemolysis'"? Destruction or breakdown of red blood cells
What is T4? Thyroxine
What is the hormone ADH? Vasopressin
Give the combining form for the following: Blood, white, iron, eat/swallow, thirst. Blood= Hemat/o, White= leuk/o, Iron= Sider/o, Eat/Swallow= Phag/o, Thist= Dips/o
what is the prefix for the following : against, large? against = Anti, large, macro
What is meant by "Thalassemia"? inability to produce hemoglobin
What is a "Phagocyte"? White blood cells (Macrophage)
What is meant by Morphology? Study of shapes and forms in cells
What is another term for "thrombocyte"? Platelet
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