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Neuroscience Review

Cranial Nerves 1 - 6 = ? * 1 = Olfactory.... *2 = Optic.... *3 = Occulomotor..... *4 = Trochlear... *5 = Trigeminal..... * 6 = Abducent
Cranial Nerves 7 - 12 = ? *7 = Facial.... * 8 = Vestibulochlear..... *9 = Glossopharyngeal ..... * 10 = Vagus.... * 11 = Spinal Accessory .... * 12 = Hypoglossal
Gray matter basics ? * contains motor information and is divvied up in to Dorsal and Ventral gray matter
Somatosensory pathway basics ? * concerned with conveying information regarding specific sensory modalities ultimately to cerebral cortex for conscious perception
The Ascending Spinal Pathways ? * Dorsal column/ medial lemniscus pathway and The Anterior Lateral System (ALS)
Dorsal column/ medial lemniscus does what = ? * Carries information concerned with fine touch, proprioception, vibration
Dorsal column/ medial lemniscus pathway ? * 1st Order Neuron = DRG takes the sensory information to the nucleus cutaneous or the nucleus gracilis (2nd order neurons).... * from there, the signal crosses and goes to the VPL (3rd order neuron ) to the somatosensory cortex
Fasciculus gracilis = ? * contains long ascending branches of fibers from sacral, lumbar and lower 6 thoracic dorsal roots. .... * LOWER EXTREMITIES
Fasciculus cuneatus = ? * from T7 and up.... * UPPER EXTRMITIES
Anterior Lateral Pathway = ? * Conducts pain, temperature, and crude touch information
ALS neurons = ? * First order neuron- DRG neurons (A and C fibers)..... * Second order neuron- neuron in dorsal horn to VPL...... * Third order neuron- VPL to somatosensory cortex
ALS Pathway = ? * 1st order neuron = input to the DRG, where it splits to go to the Laminae (I , II, V)(2nd order neuron), where it crosses to go to go up the Lateral Spinothalmic Tract to the VPL (3rd neuron) to go to the somatosensory cortex
Ascending/Somatosensory Cranial Pathway basics = ? * are concerned with conveying information regarding specific sensory modalities ultimately to cerebral cortex for conscious perception.... * Consists of trigeminal pathways for fine touch and vibration, as well as a pathway for pain and temp
Orofacial Fine Touch and Vibration Pathway = ? * primary sensory ganglion --> pons to synapse on to the Chief Nucleus on the Ips. --> the 2nd order neuron allows it to pass through the brainstem and synapse on the VPM. ..* #rd order neuron goes from VPM to the somatosensory cortex
Orofacial Pain and Temperature Pathway = ? * primary sensory ganglion --> trigem. nucleus --> and projects into the brainstem where it synapses in the spinal trigeminal nucleus on the ips. side --> 2ndary neuron goes contralat. and to the VPM--> somatosensory cortex
Neuro of Vision = ? * Each optic tract carries information from the lateral ipsilateral retina and the medial contralateral retina.... * basically, each carries info from the contralt. visual field
CORTICOBULBOSPINAL TRACT = ? * a two neuron white matter motor pathway connecting the cerebral cortex to the brainstem primarily involved in carrying the motor function of the non-occulomotor cranial nerves.
Lateral corticospinal tract = ? * movement of extremities ....... * This is the most clinically important descending motor pathway.
Anterior corticospinal tract = ? * movement of axial muscles
Basal Ganglia basics = ? * They provide the crucial physiological link between the idea of movement and the motor expression of that idea
DIRECT PATHWAY = ? * cerebral cortex --> neostriatum (caudate and putamen) --> Glob. Pallidus (medial) --> activation of the direct pathway is increased output from the thalamus with a resultant increase in activation of the motor regions of the cerebral cortex.
INDIRECT PATHWAY = ? * when the indirect basal ganglia pathway is activated, the result is decreased activity of the thalamus and therefore decreased activity of the motor regions of cerebral cortex
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