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WP 096 00 (Deicing System)

The deicing system is ____ operated and ____ controlled. Pneumatically, electrically
Where is the two-position WING TAIL toggle switch located? on the ANTI-ICE, DE-ICING, and DE-FOG control panel in the the cockpit
The three distributor valves apply what pressure to inflate the boots? 18 psi
The three distributor valves apply what suction to deflate the boots? 6 in. Hg
What are the main components of the deicing system? electronic timer, distributor valves, pressure regulator and relief valve, ejector, suction relief valve, deicer boots, pressure gage, suction gage
How many distributor valves are there? 3
Where is the electronic timer located? shelf section forward of the main power distribution box
What does the electronic timer contain? electronic timing circuit, a transistor, relay, and rotary switch
On the distributor valve in each outer panel of each wing, to what wing boots are port a and b connected to respectively? inboard wing boot, outboard wing boot
Distributor valve in the tail section controls ____. stabilizer and fin boots
On the distributor valve in the tail section, to what are port a and b connected to respectively? outboard stabilizer and fin boots; inboard stabilizer and fin boots
What does the distributor valve contain? pressure inlet port, suction outlet port, two ports (A and B) to deicer boots, port piped overboard to a low-pressure area, and two solenoids (A and B)
Approximately ____ suction is always available, due to the suction port being connected to the main suction line. 4 in. Hg
The electronic timer is powered by what? 28 V dc
What is the inflation sequence of the groups of boots? inboard wing boots, outboard wing boots, outboard stabilizer and outboard fin boots, and inboard stabilizer and inboard fin boots.
Each group of boots is inflated for how long? 5 seconds
The succeeding group of boots starts to inflate when? 10 seconds after deflation of the previous group of boots
What is the total time of the inflation cycle for all four groups of boots? 60 seconds
After the solenoid is deenergized and the airflow is cutoff through the distributor valve, the air discharged out of the boots until the pressure reaches approximately ____. 1 in. Hg
On what aircraft ____, the ____ are inserted in the left and right engine supply. 163029 and subsequent, de-ice bleed air check valve
Where are the deice bleed air check valves located? in-line to the pressure regulator and relief valve in the left and right engine supply
Where is the pressure regulator and relief valve located? on the wing rear beam to the left of the aircraft centerline
The pressure regulator and relief valve consists of what? two bodies brazed together
What are the respective functions of the 2 bodies of the pressure regulator and relief valve? One body regulates pressure, while the other is a relief valve to prevent excessive pressure buildup
Where is the ejector located? to the left of the pressure regulator and relief valve
What does ejector consist of? venturi, pressure port, suction port, and overboard port
Where is the suction relief valve located? in the tail section
The suction relief valve has ____ ports, which are connected to what? 2, one is connected to the distributor valves while the other to the ejector suction line
When suction becomes excessive , the suction relief valve opens o permit compartment air to enter the suction manifold to reduce the suction to ____. 62 in. Hg
On aircraft ____ trough ____ and ____ through ____, the boots are made of ____. 158638-163848; 163850-165647; soft pliable rubber
On aircraft ____, ____ and subsequent, the boots are made of ____. 163849, 165648; polyurethane (have a veneer on outer surface to protect from sunlight, oil, ozone, and heat.
The wing boots are ____ boots. single-manifold, simultaneous-inflation, chord wise tube
The stabilizer and fin boots are ____ boots. single-manifold, simultaneous-inflation- span wise tube
Where is the pressure gage located? on the right overhead console in the cockpit
How is the pressure gage calibrated? from 0 to 20 psi, in increments of 1 psi
What is pressure source for the pressure gage? pressure manifold
A non-operation condition on the pressure gage is indicated by what? steady reading of 18 psi on the gage
Where is the suction gage located? on the left overhead console in the cockpit
The suction gage is graduated from ____. 0 to 10 in. Hg, in major increments of 1 in. and in minor increments of .2 in
What is the source of the suction gauge? suction manifold
A non-operation condition on the suction gage is indicated by what? steady reading of 6 in. Hg
What indicates system operation on the pressure and suction gages? pointer fluctuations
Created by: Dene14
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