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zombie survival guide

The questionThe instinct
Your cornered in a warehouse Fight to the death
A ax or gun Ax
Run out of gas in the middle of no where Hide in your car till daylight
If your in a one story house with no attic where do you go on the roof until your out of supplies
What do you do if you go bit on your arm or leg you amputate it
You get an ax and you lose it how do you fight You dont you run away
There is a man who invited you to stay with his people what do you do Ask if you can leave before you get there
If you had an ax or sword witch do you use As long as you don't use a gun it doesn't madder
If you have a group and your the leader do you leave them for survival or do you die for them Leave them for your survival but take your family
You are a military group fighting off a horde of zombies do you use your military skills with your group? no, no madder what the tactic there still zombies and look for food
Do zombies has super human powers No they are equipped with what the human had
Can zombies think No they cannot
Do zombies feel emotion No they nor do they have any
Whats the worst idea to do with the zombies let them get you
Created by: amwrocks