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West Civ II Quiz 2

Where was Napolean born Island of Corsica
What degree did Napolean have engineering
What is the nickname for Napoleans childhood "child of the revolution"
What was Napoleans first battle Battle of Toulon
What is Napolean awarded for winning his first battle money and a 35,000 man army
What does Napolean buy with his rewards from his first battle 3 newspapers
What country does Napolean invade instead of England Egypt
Where does Napoleans fleet become destroyed Alexandria
What empire is Egypt a part of in 1797 ottoman empire
What is the name of Napoleans new french government The Directory
Who help Napolean overthrow the french government A. Robespierre
What is Napoleans title when he first overthrows the french government Consul
What does he change his title to in 1802 Head Consul
What does he change his title to in 1804 when he forced the pope to crown him Emperor of the French
What is the name of Napoleans book Napoleonic Maxims
What countries has Napolean conquered by 1810 Spain, Italy, Holland, Belgium, and The Duchy of Warsaw
Napoleans war traits... agressive, surprise, determines what happens when
Napoleans soldier traits... strength, endurance, agility, nationalistic, strong mentally
What are the 3 elements of warfare cavalry, infantry, artillery
What the name of the naval battle that Napolean lost Battle of Trafalgar
What are the names of the ships in the naval battle that Napolean lost Ships of the Line
How many men does Napolean try to invade Russia with 612,000
What was the nickname for the tactics Russia used vs Napolean Fabian
Whats another name for Fabian tactics "scorched earth"
Created by: tbrogle4159