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the high middle ages

lots of notes

what are 4 castle design and how did they evolve? wooden motte, bailey structures, shell keeps, and then massive stone castles
feudalism the legal and social governing system Europe in the middle ages and in some instances, beyond. vassals held land for lords in exchange for military service.
Thomas and Henry's friendship Henry appointed him chancellor. when Henry was not at work, the two of them enjoyed playing sports and went hawking and hunting.
Henry and Thomas's conflict Henry grew to resent the power of the church courts. these courts dealt with offences by clergymen and issues involving church property.
Thomas becoming archbishop and his seriousness Thomas took every responsibility he had been given very seriously.henry had been give very counted on his appointed as archbishop to have been approached. he wore hairsirts. he read scriptures and payed every evening.
Thomas's death henry was constantly complaining about Thomas. one night at dinner he had been drinking at dinner with some knights. the knights had overheard him say Would anyone rid me of this troublesome priest. the knight
Created by: OBennett4