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U-1 Ch.4

Cultural Landscapes

Vocab: Cultural Landscape The visible imprint of human activity on the landscape.
Vocab: Placenessness the loss of uniqueness of place in the cultural landscape so that one place looks like the next.
Particular architectural forms and planning ideas have ________ around the world diffused
Individual businesses and products have become so widespread that they now leave a distinctive ___________ _________ on far flung places Landscape stamp
The wholesale borrowing of an idealized landscape images, though not necessarily fostering convergence, promotes a blurring of place ___________. Distinctiveness
Skyscrapers are an example of the globalization of a particular landscape _______. form
Completing the triumvirate of factors contributing to the blurring of landscapes differences is the growing tendency to ________landscape ideals from one place to another, regardless of whether there is any tie to those ideals in the culture of the recipi transpose
Vocab: Global-local continuum concept The notion that emphasizes that what happens at one scale is not independent of what happens at other scales.
Vocab: Glocalization The process by which people in a local place mediate and alter regional, national, and global processes.
When people migrate, they carry with them notions of how a home should be planned and constructed, but in new environments those ideas may need to be_________. modified
Folk- Housing Regions:Characteristics of The New England house wood frame construction. Also called a “saltbox” house, its and example of houses from colonial times that becomes more elaborate over time. Fireplace in center of home because of cold climate.
Folk- Housing Regions:Characteristics of The Middle Atlantic house One room log cabin with a stone chimney and fireplace at one end. The middle Atlantic climate is warmer than New England, so the fireplace didn’t have to be in the center of the house. Later, additional rooms, a porch, and a second floor were added.
Folk- Housing Regions:Characteristics of The Southern tidewater house Smaller than New England homes, usually only had one story and a characteristic porch. Usually built on a raised platform to reduce interior heat. In low lying areas, houses were built on raised stone foundations to guard against flood damage.
Vocab: Diffusion Routes The spatial trajectory where cultural traits or other things are spread.
Vocab: assimilation The process through which people lose originally differentiating traits, such as dress, speech particularities or mannerisms, when they come into contact with another society or culture
In the 1800s and the beginning of the 1900s the U.S government had an official policy of__________. Assimilation
Today the American Indians are trying to push back ___________by reviving the customs of their local cultures. Assimilation
Vocab: Custom a practice that a group of people routinely follows
Customs change in small ways over time, but for the most part they are ___________. maintained
Local cultures have two goals: keeping other cultures out and keeping their own culture in.
A local culture can crate a boundary around itself and try to keep other cultures out- in order to avoid __________&___________ contamination and extinction
Vocab: Cultural Appropriation the process by which other cultures adopt customs and knowledge and use them for their own benefits
Rural areas have had an ________time of maintaining their culture easier
The Hutterites, the Amish, and the Mennonites all live in ________areas in order to live apart from everything else and so they can stay together rural
The Mennonites have migrated from the East Coast of the United States to __________ __________&__________in order to find rural farmland Alberta, Canada and Bolivia
In rural cultures, the __________activity can be such a focus on daily life that numerous customs are tied to it economic
In the late 1900s, the Makah Indians did what environmentalists considered unthinkable: they reinstated the whale hunt
The reasons that the Makah Indians reinstated the whale hunt they needed to return to their past, to understand their ancestors, to recreate and solidify their local culture
The 1990s Makah had a much harder time because they faced so many ________. protests
The Makah were not allowed to use a harpoon like their ancestors, they were forced to use a _________ instead. Rifle
Lindsborg, Kansas is called _________ ________. Little Sweden. The town had no sign of Swedishness a decade ago, but now it’s a place where Swedish culture is celebrated every day
Vocab: neolocalism the seeking out of the religion culture and reinvigoration of it in response to the uncertainty of the modern world.
The Makah, the Hutterites, and the people of __________are all overwhelmed with a popular culture that challenges their place in the world. Lindsborg
Vocab: ethnic neighborhoods neighborhood constructed by and comprised of a local culture, in which a local culture can practice its customs
Benefits of having an ethnic neighborhoods enables members of a local culture in an urban area to set themselves apart and practice their customs
The greatest challenge to local cultures in cities is the migration of ______ ________or another local culture or ethnic group into their neighborhood. popular culture
Members of one of the other 50 Anabaptist groups in North America Hutterites
Anabaptists or Hutterites?: women wearing dresses and hair scarves made of dark fabrics Hutterites
Anabaptists or Hutterites?: men and boys wearing button down shirts, dark pants and suspenders Hutterites
Anabaptists or Hutterites?: practice a religion that began in southern Germany and Switzerland in the sixteenth century Hutterites
Anabaptists or Hutterites?: Live in a colony of about 100 people, ranging in age from infant to elderly Hutterites
Anabaptists or Hutterites?: Accept technologies that help them in their agricultural pursuits Hutterites
Anabaptists or Hutterites?: Women move to their husband’s colony after marrying Hutterites
Anabaptists or Hutterites?: Women expected to rear many children, averaging five or six Hutterites
Anabaptists or Hutterites?: Strike a remarkable balance between their tradition and innovations Hutterites
Anabaptists or Hutterites?: Believe in adult baptism Anabaptists
Anabaptists or Hutterites?: Broke from the state; suffered persecution Anabaptists
Anabaptists or Hutterites?: Migrated east to Moravia and Austria, and then to Russia and the Ukraine Anabaptists
Anabaptists or Hutterites?: Moving to rural areas to live apart, alone, and to avoid persecution Anabaptists
Popular culture has ________around the globe diffused
Local cultures continue to ________around the wold exist
Vocab: time-space compression: explains how quickly innovations diffuse
Technologies create the infrastructure through which ideas _________. diffuse
In Pop-Culture, a hearth begins experiencing ________ (type) diffusion (music, fashion, etc.) contagious
For an idea to diffuse in pop culture, there must be a lot of support and _________for it. (MTV advertises new ideas of pop culture to teens). advertising
Vocab: Reterritorialization of pop culture: when people within a place start to produce an aspect of pop culture themselves.
Examples of Reterritorialization: music, sports, video games, products produced in other countries Europe, the United Sates, and Japan exert the greatest amount of influence on global culture.
Vocab: Culture group of belief systems, norms, and values practiced by a people.
Two ways culture can be recognized 1) People calling themselves a culture. 2) Other people labeling a certain group.
Vocab: Folk Culture small, incorporates a homogenous population. Usually rural, consistent with traits and has lists of traits.
Vocab: Popular Culture large, incorporates heterogeneous populations. Usually urban and changes traits. Can change in a matter of days or house. Ex. Music, dance, clothing, food.
Main paths of diffusion are… transportation, marketing, and communication networks that interlink the world.
Most cultures fit between ________&________ pop and folk.
people _______ & ________cultures depending on what works for them accept or reject
Vocab: Local Culture group of people in a particular place who see themselves as a community, who share experience, customs, and traits, and who work to preserve those traits and customs in order to claim uniqueness from others.
Vocab: Material Culture group of people including things they create like art, houses, clothing, sports, dance, and foods.
Vocab: Nonmaterial culture includes beliefs, practices, aesthetics, and caules of a group of people.
The things members produce in material culture reflects beliefs and values of __________ _____________ nonmaterial culture.
Local culture styles are passed down from __________ to_________ generation to generation.
Vocab: Hierarchal Diffusion trends spreading quickly through the interconnected world. Diffusion depends on the receiving audience and their ability/desire to absorb the culture.
Vocab: Hearth place of origin.
-Traditions are carried from centuries where the old customs are passed through popular culture through a __________ __________ famous icon.
-pop culture is diffused and practiced in unique ways while local culture carry on without the affect of ________ _________ pop culture.
Vocab: Commodification process of selling previously items which were not previously seen as an object to be bought or sold.
The affects of Commodification puts a question on… authenticity
Vocab: Authenticity is not the commodified view we see today. It is the actual life style, culture, food, music, art, etc of the people of a region or place.
What is the vocab word that describes: Tourist are surprised to see Amish people driving tractors in Lancaster, Michigan. Authenticity
The British divided cultures into savage or mystic. This is another example of Commodification.
Commodification has led to many__________. For example it has led to the team up of the Irish Pub Company and Guinness to become larger. businesses
Guinness’s stock was going down so they teamed up with the… Irish Pub Company. The Irish Pub Company makes pubs in Ireland then they ship the pubs over to the place they have to be. They also send train Irish bartenders along with antique looking items to give an authentic Irish feel.
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