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Block V, Unit 2

Mortuary Affairs

Explain the Current Death Program. (2-2) Eligible personnel are provided with professional mortuary services, supplies, and related services during peacetime and contingency or wartime ops.
Explain the Concurrent Return Program. (2-2) Provides for search, recovery, and evacuation of remains to a mortuary, where remains are identified and prepared as directed by the PADD and shipped to the final destination for permanent disposition.
Which program is the preferred method of handling remains during periods of conflict? (2-2) Concurrent Return Program.
Where is Air Force Mortuary Affairs Operations located? (2-2) Dover AFB
What is the mission of AFMAO and who do they report directly to? (2-2) Combined mission of AF Mortuary Affairs and Dover Port Mortuary. Report directly to HAF/A1S.
Explain the duties and responsibilites of AFMAO. (2-2) Maintain opcon over all phases of MA process. Develop mort. procedures, techniques & processes. Develop PWS for contract mort. services. Submit annual budget reqs. Manage all case files at AF level.
Which Mortuary Officer responsibilities can be delegated? (2-3) Est. support agreements between AD and ARC. Est. MOU between installation and local authorities. Est. procedures to pay for authorized mort. related expenses. Facilitate training of the SCO, FAR, and alternate MO.
How many times will the MO inspect the viewable remains? (2-4) At LEAST twice, or as often as necessary.
What responsibility can the MO NOT delegate? (2-3) Inspect remains of casket or urn.
What are two inspections the MO must accomplish? (2-5) Inspection of caskets or urns and inspection prior to shipment.
What is the FAR's primary role? (2-6) To be a facilitator of support between the Air Force and the family, acting as a liaison between the PADD and the various agencies involved with the mortuary case
What are the two categories for FAR Training? (2-6) Annual Awareness training and Just-in-Time (JIT) Training
Who is a commissioned officer assigned by the installation commander to coordinate disposition of the deceased member's personal property? (2-7) Summary Court Officer (SCO)
What are examples of SCO responsibilities? (2-7) (1) Identify, inventory and secure property (2) Maintain a log of events (3) Place a death announcement (4) Send letter to authorized recipient within three days
List the overall escort duties. (2-9) (1) Deliver appropriate forms to funeral home or PADD (2) Complete AF 1947, Escort Report (3) Update MO (4) May attend funeral and present flag (5) Maintain professional military bearing and appearance
What are several things an escort WILL NOT do? (2-9) (1) Counsel the NOK or wear a mourning band (2) Volunteer information about the case
What are two types of escorts? (2-10) Military and Special
The deceased member's parents include (part 1): (2-16) a) A natural parent of the member b) Step parent of the member c) Parent of a member by adoption
The deceased member's parent or parents include (part 2): (2-16) d) A parent, step parent, or adotive parent of the spouse of the member e) Any other person, including a former step parent, who stood in loco parentis to member at least 5 years before member turened 21
Individuals entitled to funeral travel include: (2-16) 1)Deceased member's parents 2)The deceased member's sibling
How many times will the honor guard officer in charge ensure funeral honors will be provided? (2-18) ONLY once
These are Air Force members receiving retired pay or members of Reserve or ANG who were not on active or inactive duty status. (2-18) Retirees
Retirees and veterans are entitled to a two person team consisting of officer or enlisted who...(2-18) 1) fold and present the interment flag 2) Play taps
Members of the Selected Reserve who are not on duty when they die will...(2-18) receive the same military funeral honors as a retiree.
Former military member who served in the active military or were members of the Selected Reserve and departed under conditions other than dishonorable. (2-18) Former Military Members (Veterans)
Name three types of Military Funeral Honors (MFH)recipients. (2-18) 1)Retirees 2) Reservists Not on Duty 3) Former Military Members (Veterans)
Recovery and Removal of Remains, Preparation of Remains, Specification of Casket/Urn and Shipment of Remains are considered what type of Mortuary Entitlement? (2-11) Primary Expense Items
Funeral Arrangements and Cemetery Expenses are considered what type of Mortuary Entitlement? (2-11) Secondary (Interment) Expense Items
Who is eligible for Air Force Mortuary Affairs Entitlements? Part 1 (2-11) (1) AD Regular AF not dropped from rolls prior to death (2) USAFA Cadets, (3) Members and applicants accepted to AFROTC who die at training camp, hospitalized for a condition aggravated by or incurred during training or en route to or from training.
Who is eligible for Air Force Mortuary Affairs Entitlements? Part 2 (2-11) (4) Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard members to include Active Guard Reserve (AGR) full-time ARC personnel (5)Accepted USAF enlistment applicants. (6) Discharged mil personnel who die a patient in Gov't hospital
The transportation of remains within CONUS can use any of the following methods or combination of methods: Part 1 (2-15) (1)Commercial Aircraft Shipped within CONUS, arranged by contract mortuary/funeral home, using commercial documentation for movement. (2)A hearse or a service car (3)Dedicated Gov't aircraft (used within CONUS for removal of remains from accident site)
In regards to transportation of remains, a hearse or a service car will be used if? (2-15) (1) Comm. Air is not avail (CONUS) (2) The cost of air travel is greater than the cost of overland transport (CONUS) (3) If requested by PADD, they must agree to pay any costs in excess of cost to Gov't to transport the remains by air (CONUS or OCONUS)
When transporting remains from OCONUS, the remains will be transported as quickly as possible from? (2-15) The place of death to the nearest OCONUS mortuary facility or to the Dover Port Mortuary.
The preferred destination for remains from an OCONUS location is? (2-15) Dover Port Mortuary
Initial Death Report (2-22) Must be submitted as soon as MO learns of a death in their installation's AOR Reporting shouldn't be delayed because identification has not yet been confirmed; reported as "believed to be" (BTB)
Required info for initial death report (2-22) -Name, rank, or grade and SSN of deceased active member - time, date, & place of death - status/location of remains, abbreviated words - will there be any S&R and ID actions; if so describe status - specify how member was ID-ed (disfigured)
Supplemental Report (2-22) -report changes in status, prep, and internment info, location of remains, and S&R or ID actions. -supplemental reports sent to AFMAO; base providing honors should be included; HAF/A1S included if aircraft accident or multiple fatalities
Purpose of initial PADD briefing on entitlements (2-23) For MO to provide PADD info concerning all authorized mortuary entitlements and determine the PADD's election primary and secondary expense entitlements
In the event of a mass fatality incident, what type of funds do installations use to fund immediate requirements? Their own O
In the event of a mass fatality incident, once an installation has funded their immediate requirements, from what entity do they request reimbursement? Their MAJCOM
Through which organizations does MAJCOM/A1S coordinate funding support for mass fatality incidents? MAJCOM FM, AFMAO and HAF/A1S
Following a mass fatality incident, some of the roles/responsibilities of AFMAO include ... Coordinate with HAF/A1 to initiate mass fatality operation at Dover Port Mortuary; provide technical assistance and expertise; inform AFME and/or FBI of requirement for identification of remains and investigation of deaths; serve as AF Liaison.
Who handles the following mass fatality responsibiities: port facilities where remains are embalmed/shipped; ensure airlift for remains/personnel/equipment/supplies; support MFRC with facilities/equipment; source UTCs for mortuary augmentees? AFMAO
Establishment of command and control and a situation assessment are elements of what? The installation mass fatality plan
What does the "establishment of command and control" element of an installation mass fatality plan include? Procedures for activating a unit control center and identifying organizations and personnel to notify.
What are some considerations of the "situation assessment" element of an installation mass fatality plan? Location of the incident, type of incident, number of personnel involved, who has jurisdiction over the remains, whether MOUs or agreements with local authorities are in place or required. If OCONUS: Status of Forces Agreements or other local agreements.
How many deceased military members is an SCO appointed for? One each.
From where are SCOs usually assigned? The member's home station.
What are the responsibilities of the SCO? Collecting, securing, inventorying and disposing of personal property of the deceased that is under military jurisdiction.
What happens during the demobilization phase following a mass fatality mission? Rented/borrowed equipment is returned; personnel involved receive a TSR debrief; personnel involved in the return of personal effects maintain contact with recipients; after action reports are completed.
When do personnel involved in mass fatality operations receive TSR debriefs? Prior to returning to their regular duties.
How long do personnel involved in the return of personal effects maintain contact with the recipients? Until all effects are returned.
Who completes after-action reports (during the demobilization of a mass fatality mission)? The OIC of the operation.
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