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AP EURO CH 23 and 24

European Supremacy + Modern Thought

what did Freud learn from patients with disorders they were affected by bad childhood experiences
how did freud question the idea of childhood innocence said infants had sexual drive
what did freud write in interpretation of dreams that dreams must be rational + come from conscious desires
3 entities that struggle in an area of ones mind according to freud id (irrational instincts), supergo (society's expectations), ego (mediates between 2)
by 1900 how did political scientists and sociologists view change? painted politics as irrational
what are 3 things that weber believed? pro rationalism, beauracracy is basic feature of modern life, pro religion, rational character of capitalism from Protestantism
in late 19th century, race emerged as explanation for history of group of people
what was the most powerful ideology of the 20th century? aggressive, racists nationalism
3 things about overall experience of jews from 1850 to 1880 improvement and little prejudice towards them, active in politics, intermarriage allowed
most jews were part of the ___ party because liberal, supported equal rights
when did their newfound security begin to erode and why 1880s and 90s because anti semtism in germany + france
what is the zionist movement and why did it arise? movement to form separate jewish state led by Herzel, happened because anti semitism + to form a liberal social state outside europe
who did herzel appeal to poor jews in eatern europe/western slums
how did ideas on biology and non rationalt hough affect women led to sustain stereotypes views of women
what did middle class women begin to do about their status? challange standard of sexual morality + male dominated society
what was the contagious disease acts? what was the purpose? how did middle class women react to it iany woman suspected of being a prostitute could be subject to a medical exam for stds, purpose is to protect men from infection, angered by and said it treated women as inferior
how did darwins ideas question bible/desim removed idea of purpose form nature + god/s design of universe
what did he write in descent of man human nature developed naturalistically in response to survival whiich hurt pride of western europeans
herbert spencer's ideas adovicated evolutionary ethics, society progresses through competition, social darwinism, individualism
thomas henry huxley's ideas defended darwin, evolution showed how human should not behave
what did friedrich strauss write in life of jesus questioned whetheer there is any historical evidence about jesus
what caused men and women to lose more faith in bible than any other cause quetioning of historical validity of bible
Created by: mhaq.16