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Greece Quest

Greece Quest - Democracy

Who could be considered the “father of Athenian democracy” because he started true democracy? Cleisthenes
He ended debt slavery in Athens Solon
How did Draco’s laws affect the power of people noble leadership? Weakened their monopolies
Name 4 groups of people who did not have citizenship in Athens? Slaves, women, children, metics
For how many years could a person be ostracized? 10 years
Other than the Council of 500 & the Citizens’ Assembly, how else could citizens serve the Athenian government? On a jury (People’s Court)
In what year did tyranny officially end in Athens? 510 BCE
Which part of Athenian Democracy was responsible for voting on new laws? Citizens’ Assembly
In which form of government does the power lie in the hands of a single person who illegally takes this power and keeps it through cruel and abusive means? Tyranny
Who did kings turn to enforce laws and make people pay taxes? The Army
What do you call the time period when the city-states were growing successfully? The Age of Expansion
Name the two governing bodies of Athenian Democracy? Council of 500 Citizens Assembly
Name 2 reasons why the Mycenaean monarchies ended - Trade routes close due to fighting in Asia Minor - lack of raw metals to make weapons - Mycenaean cities fighting each other -Dorians invaded
Most crimes under his leadership were punishable by death Draco
What form of government did one person have power, typically gained through birth? Monarchy
Typically, which social class finically supported a tyrant’s takeover because they were hoping for more power? Middle Class (wealthy people like merchants who were not aristocrats)
Which part of Athenian Democracy was responsible for writing new laws? Council of 500
He set up the People’s Court in Athens Solon
What was the name of the process by which an Athenian citizen could be banned from government service through a special vote? Ostracism
He reorganized membership and population count in Athens Cleisthenes
Which social class was allowed to vote but typically did not because they were unable to leave their job? Low/Poor Class (farmers)
Which group is credited with starting the Dark Age of Greece? Dorians
Which part of Athenian Democracy had citizens selected randomly ever year? Council of 500
Who was considered the last tyrant in Greek government? Hippias
What type of democracy did they create in Athens? Direct Democracy
Specifically, where did the Citizens’ Assembly meet to vote? Acropolis Extra Point if they say Pnyx
He was responsible for first writing down the laws in Athens Draco
He created the Council of 500 Cleisthenes
Of all the city-states that we have studied so far, which one had the most successful oligarchy Sparta
Which group is considered the “main governing body” in Athens? Citizens’ Assembly
Name the location that is considered the government and religious center in Athens Acropolis
What type of democracy do we have the in the U.S. today? Representative Democracy
Which form of government had the ruling power in the hands of a few aristocrats? Oligarchy
In Athenian democracy, who’s job was it to communicate and enforce new laws/policies? Strategoi
Which form of government comes from the Greek word meaning “usurper with supreme power?” Tyranny
What were 2 responsibilities of a magistrate? Create laws, enforce laws, judge those who broke laws
Name 2 of the prerequisites to be considered a citizen of Athens. Male, over 18, born in Athens, father had to be a citizen, mother’s father had to be a citizen
What was the title given to Athenian political leaders who acquired their positions because of birth? Magistrates
Created by: campbellch