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aerosol a pressurized container with propellant used to administer a drug through oral inhalation into the lungs
aromatic water a solution of water containing oils or other substances that have a pungent, and usually pleasing, smell and are easily released into the air
buccal route of administration a transmucosal route of administration in which a drug is placed between the gum and the inner lining of the cheek
cannula the barrel of a syringe or bore area inside the syringe that correlates with the volume of solution
caplet a hybrid solid dosage formulation sharing characteristics of both a tablet and a capsule
capsule the dosage form containing powder, liquid, or granules in a gelatin covering
chewable tablet a solid oral dosage form meant to be chewed that is readily absorbed; commonly prescribed for school-age children
colloid the dispersion of ultrafine particles in a liquid formulation
conjunctival route of administration the placement of sterile ophthalmic medications in the conjunctival sac of the eye(s)
controlled-release (CR) dosage form a dosage form that is formulated to release medication over a long duration
cream a cosmetically acceptable oil-in-water (O/W) emulsion for topical use on the skin
delayed-release (DR) formulation a dosage form, such as an enteric-coated aspirin tablet, that contains a special coating designed to delay absorption of the medication and to resist breakdown by acidic gastric fluids
diluent an inactive ingredient that allows for the appropriate concentration of the medication in the tablet or capsule; also used to reconstitute parenteral products
discus a device that contains nonaerosolized powder that is used for inhalation
dispersion a liquid dosage form in which undissolved ingredients are mixed throughout a liquid vehicle
dosage form the physical manifestation of a drug for example, capsule or a tablet
dropper a device used to accurately measure medication dosage for infants
drug delivery system a design feature of the dosage form that affects the delivery of the drug; such a system may protect the stomach or delay the release of the active drug
effervescent salts granular salts that release gas and dispense active ingredients into solution when placed in water
elixir a clear, sweetened, flavored solution containing water and ethanol
embolism a blockage of a blood vessel from a blood clot or inadvertent injection of an air bubble
emulsion the dispersion of a liquid in another liquid varying in viscosity
enema a solution, such as a Fleets enema, to be administered into the rectum to evacuate colon contents
enteric-coated tablet (ECT) a tablet coating designed to resist destruction by the acidic pH of the gastric fluids and to delay the release of the active ingredient
extended-release (XL) formulation a tablet or capsule designed to reduce frequency of dosing compared with immediate-release and most sustained-release formulations
extract a potent dosage form derived from animal or plant sources from which most or all the solvent has been evaporated to produce a powder, an ointment-like form, or a solid
film-coated tablet (FCT) a tablet coated with a thin outer layer that prevents serious GI side effects
fluidextract a liquid dosage form prepared by extraction from plant sources and commonly used in the formulation of syrups
gel a dispersion containing fine particles for topical use on the skin
glycerogelatin a topical preparation made with gelatin, glycerin, water, and medicinal substances
granules a dosage form larger than powders that are formed by adding very small amounts of liquid to powders
inhalation route of administration the administration of a drug by inhalation into the lungs; also called intrarespiratory route of administration
injection the administration of a parenteral medication into the bloodstream, muscle, or skin
insulin pen a portable device in which the dose of insulin can be easily dialed up prior to administration
intranasal route of administration the placement of sprays or solutions into the nose
intrauterine device (IUD) a device that delivers medication to prevent conception
intravenous (IV) infusion the process of injecting fluid or medication into the veins, usually over a prolonged period of time
irrigating solution any solution used for cleansing or bathing an area of the body, such as the eyes or ears
IV bolus injection an injection in which a drug is administered intravenously all at once
IV infusion an infusion in which a drug is administered intravenously slowly over a given period
jelly a gel that contains a higher proportion of water in combination with a drug substance, as well as a thickening agent
liniment a medicated topical preparation, such as Ben Gay, that is applied to the skin
liquid any free-flowing fluid that is commonly used to dissolve solids
localized effect the site-specific application of a drug
lotion a liquid for topical application that contains insoluble dispersed solids or immiscible liquids
lozenge a medication in a sweet-tasting formulation that is absorbed in the mouth; also known as a troche
magma a milk like liquid colloidal dispersion, such as milk of magnesia, in which particles remain distinct, in a two-phase system
metered-dose inhaler (MDI) a device used to administer a drug in the form of compressed gas through the mouth and into the lungs
micro emulsion a clear formulation that contains one liquid of extremely fine size droplets dispersed in another liquid; for example Haley's M-O
multiple compression tablet (MCT) a tablet formulation on top of a tablet or a tablet within a tablet, produced by multiple compressions in manufacturing
nebulizer a device used to deliver medication in a fine-mist form to the lungs; often used in treating asthma
needle a thin, hollow transfer device used with a syringe to inject drugs into the body or withdraw fluids such as blood from the body
ocular route of administration the placement of sterile ophthalmic medications into the eye
oil-in-water (O/W) emulsion an emulsion containing a small amount of oil dispersed in water, as in a cream
ointment a semisolid emulsion for topical use on the skin
oral disintegrating tablet (ODT) a solid oral dosage form designed to dissolve quickly on the tongue for oral absorption and ease of administration without water
oral route of administration the administration of medication through swallowing for absorption along the GI tract into systemic circulation
oral syringe a needle less device for administering medication to pediatric or older adult patients unable to swallow tablets or capsules
osmotic pressure system a drug delivery system in which the drug is slowly “pushed out” into the bloodstream
otic route of administration the placement of solutions or suspensions into the ear
parenteral route of administration the injection or infusion of fluids and/or medications into the body, bypassing the GI tract
parenteral solution a product that is prepared in a sterile environment for administration by injection
paste a water-in-oil (W/O) emulsion containing more solid material than an ointment
patient-controlled analgesia (PCA) infusion device a device controlled by a patient to deliver small doses of medication for chronic pain relief
pharmaceutics the study of the release characteristics of various dosage forms or drug formulations
pharmacokinetics the study of how drugs are absorbed into the bloodstream, circulated in tissues throughout the body, inactivated, and eliminated from the body
phlebitis an inflammation of the vein from the administration of drugs
plaster a solid or semisolid, medicated or non medicated preparation that adheres to the skin
powders fine particles of medication used in tablets and capsules
pyrogen a fever-producing by-product of microbial metabolism
rectal route of administration the delivery of medication via the rectum
route of administration a way of getting a drug onto or into the body, such as orally, topically, or parenterally
solute an ingredient dissolved in a solution or dispersed in a suspension
solution a liquid dosage form in which the active ingredients are completely dissolved in a liquid vehicle
solvent the vehicle that makes up the greater part of a solution
spacer device a device commonly prescribed for children and older adults to assist in the administration of drugs from MDIs; medication can be inhaled at will rather than through timed, coordinated breathing movements
spirit an alcoholic or hydroalcoholic solution containing volatile, aromatic ingredients
spray the dosage form that consists of a container with a valve assembly that, when activated, emits a fine dispersion of liquid, solid, or gaseous material
sublingual route of administration oral administration in which a drug is placed under the tongue and is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream
sugar-coated tablet (SCT) a tablet coated with an outside layer of sugar that protects the medication and improves both appearance and flavor
suppository a solid formulation containing a drug for rectal or vaginal administration
suspension the dispersion of a solid in a liquid
sustained-release (SR) formulation a extended-release dosage form that allows less frequent dosing than an immediate-release dosage form
syringe a device used to inject a parenteral solution into the bloodstream, muscle, or under the skin
syrup an aqueous solution thickened with a large amount of sugar (generally sucrose) or a sugar substitute such as sorbitol or propylene glycol
systemic effect the distribution of a drug throughout the body by absorption into the bloodstream
tablet the solid dosage form produced by compression and containing one or more active and inactive ingredients
targeted drug delivery system technology to deliver high concentrations of drugs to the diseased organ rather than expose the whole body to adverse side effects; commonly designed for cancer chemotherapy
tincture an alcoholic or hydroalcoholic solution of extractions from plants
topical route of administration the administration of a drug on the skin or any mucous membrane such as the eyes, nose, ears, lungs, vagina, urethra, or rectum; usually administered directly to the surface of the skin
transdermal dosage form a formulation designed to deliver a continuous supply of drug into the bloodstream by absorption through the skin via a patch or disk
transmucosal route of administration the absorption of drugs across any mucous membrane of the body including the mouth, eyes, ears, nose, rectum, vagina, and urethra
urethral route of administration the administration of a drug by insertion into the urethra
vaginal route of administration the administration of a drug by application of a cream or insertion of a tablet into the vagina
viscosity the thickness and flow characteristics of a fluid
water-in-oil (W/O) emulsion an emulsion containing a small amount of water dispersed in an oil, such as an ointment
wax matrix system a reservoir-controlled release drug delivery system utilizing osmotic pressure or an ion exchange resin
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