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chapter 19 20


What is meant by "Bone Scan"? Radioisotope administered and traced within bones.
What is the prefix for "Movement"? Cine
Whats is the difference between "in vitro" and "in vivo"? in vitro is something measured outside a living organism, and in vivo is something measured inside a living organism.
What is the term for "obstructing the passage of X-rays"? Radiopaque
What is meant by "DICOM"? protocol for transmission between imaging devices
What is meant by "Radioisotope"? gives off high energy particles or rays
What is an IVP? X-ray for renal pelvis and urinary tract
Explain the use of a "Radiopaque Substance"? Absorb most of X-rays
What is "Nuclear Medicine"? Uses of radioactive substances in diagnosis of disease
What is meant by "suppression"? To stop
What is meant by "-plasm? Formation, growth
Give the definition to the following: Scirrh/o. mut/a, medull/o, cauter/o. Scirrho = hard, muta= genetic change, medullo= inner part, cautero= burn, heat.
whats is meant by "infiltrative"? local invasion of tissue
If the Dr. ordered an "angiogram" what did the patient have done? X-ray record of the arteries (Blood vessels)
If the Dr. ordered a "Pyelogram" what did the patient have done? X-ray of the renal pelvis
What is the difference between "adduction" and "abduction"? Adduction is towards the mid-line and Abduction is away from the mid-line.
If the Dr. told you that you had to follow "protocol" what does he mean? To follow a plan of treatment
If the Dr. informs the patient that the cancer has "relapse" what does he mean? Reappearance of symptoms in disease
What is meant by "mucositis"? inflammation of the mucosa (inner lining of our organs)
What is an "estrogen receptor assay"? Test the concentration of hormone receptor sites in cells of breast cancer patients.
What is meant by "adjuvant"? assisting or aiding on treatment
What is meant by "modality"? method of treatment
What is meant by "Oncogenes"? Regions of DNA found in cells
if a cell went through "mutation" what happen to it? Inheritable changes in a cell
What is meant by "polypoid"? growths that are projections from a base
What is meant by "Adenocarcinoma of the lung"? lung tumor derived from epithelial tissue
What are "tracer studies"? Radionuclides used as labels and traced within the body
What is meant by "radio pharmaceutical" Radioactive drug given for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes
What is a "transducer"? Device that sends and receives ultra sounds signals.
What is meant by "radiolucent"? Permitting the passages of most X-rays.
What is meant by a "radionuclide"? radioactive chemical that gives off energy in the form of radition
What is meant by "therapeutic"? pertaining to treatment
Where is the accent in "anaplasia"? highly undifferentiated formation of cells
What is meant by "dysplastic"? Pertaining to abnormal formation of cells
what is "an increased growth in the number of cells" called? Hyperplasia
What is meant by "carcinoma in situ"? localized cancer contained in the site of origin
What is an "inherited malignant tumor of the eye" called? Retinoblastoma
If the Dr. stated that the cancer went into "remission" what happened? absence of symptoms of disease
What is the difference between "benign" and "malignant"? Benign are harmless, not cancer and malignant is cancerous
What is meant by a neoplasm? new growth, tumor
What is meant by "adenocarcinoma"? Cancerous tumor of glandular tissue
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