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Unit 1 Gov


List three of Aristoles classification of government. Autocracy, Oligarchy, Democracy
The Republicans and Democrats have developed in this country as the major... political parties
Trade among the states was known as... interstate commerce
A loose union of independent states is a... confederacy
This began as a struggle over lands in Western Pennsylvania and Ohio... French and Indian war
This man wrote the original draft of the Declaration of Independence... Thomas Jefferson
The compromise made by the founders on this issue left a terrible burden for future generations... slavery
To establish the Northwest Territory states did what? Ceded Territory
This led to the Boston Tea Party... Britain's increased tax revenue
The economic system in which freedom of choice is emphasized is... Capitalism/ free market
The Magna Carta was important because it... established a limited government
According to the Articles of Confederation, this power was granted to Congress... to amend the Articles of Confederation
The effort to control or influence he control of government is called... politics
This system DIVIDES the powers between the state and national government... separation of powers
Signed in 1620 by the Pilgrims, this colonial plan for self rule is called... Mayflower Compact
What is the form of democracy we have in this country... Representative democracy
Anti federalist believed this was needed. Bill of Rights
What are 4 features of all the states in today's world. Territory, population, sovereignty,government
What ancient Greek scholar was one of the first student's of government? Aristole
The articles of Confederation went into effect in 1781 after all 13 states did what? Ratified them
What is any system of government in which a small group holds power? Oligarchy
This man was known as the father of the Constitution. James Madison
What is any system of government in which rule is by the people called? Democracy
What was the 1st legislature which became the U.S? The Virginia House of Burgesses
This system of government gives ALL KEY powers to the national government. Unitary system
Many Americans wanted a strong national government after what? Shays' Rebellion
American's first constitution was the... Fundamental orders of Connecticut
The intolerable acts prompted the Colonist to take what type of action against Britain... an embargo
These nations are in the early stages of industry and technology... developing countries
Who provided a philosophy for capitalism? Adam Smith
Communist countries have a what? Command economy
Federalist were concerned that with out a strong national government this would triumph... anarchy
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