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sample test #2


Discussion-Demonstration-Activity (DDA) pages consist of two columns labeled as Discussion Point (DP) and Related Instructor Activity (RIA)
The trainee Guide is constructed of what items Front matter and instruction sheets
the trainee is constructed of what types of instruction sheets outline, assignment, information, job, diagram, problem
tests are used to measure a trainee's attainment of the TO's and EO's
what are the types of performance tests process, product, combination
what are the TCCD components front matter, curriculum outline of instruction, annexes
what minimum listing of knowledge and skills required to operate a system, subsystem, or equipment, or to perform a task or function TPP's
which learning styles describes theory based abstract
information learned the first time best describes which law of learning primacy
(true/false) the five step questioning technique consists of asking the question, pausing, picking a student, comment, and expounding or explain the answer true
what are the two methods of testing knowledge and performance
when a student refuses to train after a TTO was called and corrected, the student shall be promptly removed from training
when should students be briefed concerning the DOR policy and its procedures while enrolled in voluntary high/moderate risk training during introduction and repeated after a long break (such as christmas)
what class of Navy school provides individuals function skills class F
how often must in-service training for safety be conducted annually
what elements make up a TLO Behavior, condition, and standard (BCS)
what are the areas of responsibility for a Navy Instructor Students, training safety, security, curriculum
the motivation principles are needs and drives, interests, values, attitudes, incentives and... achievements
what are the phases of curriculum development will provide a POA&M to achieve a predetermined implementation date plan, analyze, design, develop, implement and evaluate
which of the four basic learning styles is an experience based approach to learning concrete
what are the three qualities of an efficient and effective instructor knowledge, ability, personality (KAP)
the five different ways of learning include, imitation, trial and error, association, insight and... transfer
"students learn best and retain information longer when they have a meaningful practice and repetition", best describes which law of learning law of exercise
what is level one JTA how the work is being performed
what are the three educational domains cognitive, affective, psychomotor
Created by: ship3MTS
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