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Process of Accessions

SOCS Stands For? Statement of Creditable Service
When to Submit a SOCS? For all members claiming prior service
Where is a SOCS Sent To? PPC (SES)
What Should Be Sent With the SOCS Request? All prior service documentation should be scanned and e-mailed to PPC Customer Care
When to Complete an Accession? 1. First becoming a CG or CGR MBR 2. Rejoining the CG or CGR 3. Immediately enlisting after discharge of CG AD 4. CG or CGR MBR received direct commission 5. CGR discharge, immediately enlists in CG AD
What To Do If An Error is Discovered? Submit a PPC Customer Care Ticket immediately, then with the trouble ticket number call Customer Care to resolve
DA User Roles for Accessions CGHRS: enters information, verifies and completes post hire processing CGHRSUP: approves hire/rehire
Vacancy is Identified at? COMDT CG-12
Order are Issued (two locations)? Recruiting Office or CGPSC Assignment Officer if AD with a break in service of more than 24 hours
Personnel and Pay Records are Created by? SPO supervisor at the SPO for processing point with CGHRSUP role user
EMPLID Is either generated or reactivated if prior CG service
NOAA Commission, Civilian Employee (with CG) or CG Aux Hiring? Rehire as they already have an EMPLID
The Key Difference Between a New Hire and a Rehire Process? Is the assignment of the MBRs EMPLID
What Section Generates a New EMPLID? Add a Person
The Accessions Hire and Rehire Menu Options Located Within the SPO Section Consist of? Job Data, Add a Person, Hire Applicant, Add an Employee Instance, Modify a Person and Search/Match
Regular Enlistment Processing Point? RECRUIT TRACEN
Regular Enlistment Prior Service Non CG? RECRUIT TRACEN
Regular Enlistment Prior Service CG, Out Longer Than 12 Months? SPO for PDS
Regular Enlistment Current CGR MBR? SPO or reserve assignment
OCS Enlistment, Not a Current CG MBR? Academy SPO
Delayed Entry Program Enlistment? RECRUIT TRACEN
CG Band Enlistment? Academy SPO
Cadet Accessions? Academy SPO
DEIMS Date? Enter date of original hire into the military
Expected Loss Date? MBR will have no further reserve and/or active duty obligation, 8-year initial service obligation
PCS Reporting Worksheet? CG-2005
PCS Reporting Worksheet Top Section? Yeoman check in tasks to be completed (SGLI, BAH Worksheet and TVL Claim)
PCS Reporting Worksheet Middle Section? Address, phone number and MBR contact information
PCS Reporting Worksheet Bottom Section? Question and Answers such as did you TVL according to your order and dental coverage
Created by: ashleycoker
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