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Unit 1

AP Euro Flashcards

Two men that rise try to claim throne in 100 years war Edward 2 and Phillip 6
These rose because of growing industry Guilds
The church went from being more spiritual to this secular
Pope has more power than saints Plenitude of Power
Papal bull that said temporal and earthly power is subject to pope Unam Sanctum
These two men opposed Papal secularism Wycliffe and Hus
The French wanted the Pope in Avignon, lead to this Great Schism
The three conciliar meetings Pisa, Constance, and Basel
The meeting where the pope disposes the other two Meeting of Pisa
Meeting where one singular pope is elected Meeting of Constance
The largest patron of art in Florence Cosimo de Medici
the emphasis on human achievement movement Humanism
Milan, Naples, and Florence were allied against Venice and Papal States Treaty of Lodi
the League that kicks France out of Italy League of Venice
Ferdinand and Isabella kick who out of the Grenada Moors
Son of Charles V and king of Spain Philip 2
Rounded the Cape of Good Hope Dias
Reached the coast of India de Gama
conquistador of Incans Pizarro
Thomas Muntzer founded this Anabaptism
meeting of HRE where Luther refused to recant Diet of Worms
Luther and Zwingli invited to discuss differences by Philip of Hesse Marburg of Colloquy
Charles V declares states must be Catholic Diet of Augsburg
Charles V declares states actually get to choose religion of area Augsburg Confession
The League that formed in response to Diet of Augsburg Schmakaldic
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