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Unit 2

AP Euro Flashcards

French Protestants Huguenots
The attack on Huguenots in France St. Bartholomew's Day massacre
Leader of Huguenots in War of Three Henry's Henry of Navarre
Leader of Catholics in War of Three Henry's Henry 2
Other man who fought in War of Three Henry's Duke of Guise
Four periods of 30 years war Bohemian, Danish, Swedish, and French
Swedish king who lead lost in 30 years war Gustavus Adolphus
Leader of the Danes that fought for protestants Christian 4
Treaty ended 30 years war Peace of Westphalia
Lord Protectorate of England Oliver Cromwell
Family of Prussia Hohenzollern
The nobility of Prussia Junkers
Prussia greatly increased the size of their military under this king Frederick William 1
Family of the first Russian tsars Romanovs
The Russian nobility Boyars
This tsar was able to westernize Russia by putting laws on the boyars Peter the Great
Peter's governmental Orthodox church system was called this The Holy Synod
Battle of Narva and Poltava was fought by the Russians with this country Sweden
Act passed that granted religious freedoms Toleration act
Two that came to power and restored joint sovereignty William and Mary
The name of the ascension of William and Mary to the throne Glorious Revolution
Charles 1 called parliament in order to raise money for these rebelling people Scottish
Most renown Italian sculptor of The Ecstasy of St. Theresa Bernini
Two most prolific Flemish painters, one of which painted Catherine de Medici series van Dyke and Rubens
Very light and ornate style characterized by flying cherubs and soft pink colors Rococo
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