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Unit 3

AP Euro Flashcards

The group of Enlightenment thinkers Philosophes
Theorized that governments form because of Social contracts with Government John Locke
Thinker attacked the church and belief Voltaire
Voltaire was in this enlightened despot's court all the time Frederick the Great
This was the religion of the enlightenment Diesm
wrote Spirit of the Corn Laws Montesquieu
advocated the separation of the powers in government Montesquieu
biggest proponent of Laissez Faire Adam Smith
wrote Wealth of Nations Adam Smith
created the Scientific method Bacon
inductive reasoning Bacon
deductive reasoning Descartes
first to describe heliocentric theory Copernicus
creator of Spinning Jenny Hargreaves
creator of flying shuttle Kay
creator of water frame Arkwright
told British people to rotate crops to put nutrients into soil Townshend
creator of the seed drill Tull
Movement of fencing off your land to consolidate crops in one concentrated area Enclosure movement
Exclusive right to trade slaves given to britain Asiento
Changing alliances of Britain-Austria and France-Prussia to Britain-Prussia and France-Austria Diplomatic revolution
This man took Silesia from Maria Theresa Frederick the Great
ended the war of Austrian Succession Peace of Aix-la-chapelle
Treaty ended the Seven Years War and gave Britain land in North America Treaty of Paris 1763
Three countries that partitioned Poland Austria, Russia, and Prussia
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