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Unit 4

AP Euro Flashcards

The economic finance manager that said the economy was fine while fighting war and having Versaillies Necker
The Royal Family fled to this city in disguise Varennes
The royal family were placed under house arrest here Tuileries
The national assembly publishes this work which showed that man is free Declaration on the rights of man and citizen
This woman published Declaration of the Rights of Woman and Citizen de Gouges
When the national assembly broke away from this system The Estates General
The Tennis Court Oath was taken by this group The National Assembly
This was the more moderate group of Jacobins that made excessive laws to prevent counter revolution Girondists
The regent to Louis XVI Duke of Orlean
These were the grievences given by all three estates at the Estates General Cahiers de Doleances
This was the leader of the National Guard de Lafayette
This group of nobles fled Paris to complain to other countries about the atrocities the revolution has caused Emigres
This program made all church members employee of the state Civil Constitution of the Clergy
Man that essentially ran the congress of Vienna's idea Metternich
Time when Napoleon returned to France 100 Days
Man who beat Napoleon at Waterloo Duke of Wellington
Leader of the Committee of Public safety Robespierre
Two other leaders along with Robespierre Marat and Danton
Napoleon put his brother as king of this country Spain
Man who painted Napoleon's troops in Spain Goya
Type of fighting by Spanish against Napoleon Guerilla
Treaties that were offered to Napoleon for defeat Treaties of Paris
The laws enacted by Napoleon to all citizens Civil constitution
The Russian tactic of burning Moscow Scorched Earth
Political ideology of Metternich Conservative
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