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TORCH Infections

TORCH Infection basics ? * Vertically transmission from mother to fetus/baby...* Can cause spontaneous abortions or rash/occular issues
TORCH stands for ? * T=toxoplasmosis -- O=other (syphilis) -- R=rubella -- C=cytomegalovirus (CMV) -- H=herpes simplex (HSV) ...........* others are Varicella-zoster virus, Parvo,Borrelia(Lyme Disease), Group B strep, Listeria, (HIV)
When do you think of TORCH infections? * Intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR) infants -- Hepatosplenomegaly -- Thrombocytopenia -- Unusual rash -- Concerning maternal history -- “Classic” findings of any specific infection
TORCH incidence ? * very rare ..... * CMV is the most common in 1/100 births
Diagnosing TORCH Infection ? * NO Titer workup... * based on Hx and CxSx and directed studies only
Toxoplasmosis basics ? * from a parasite from a CAT... * ingesting cysts in animal tissues or from oocytes from cat feces.... * High in Greece from meat eating... * Ppl usu asymptamatic....* Fatal if get in 1st trimester
Toxo. CxSx ? * see eye issues, hydroceph, and intrcranial calcifications.... * Chorioretinitis is the most common issue seen in infants that were born asymptomatic
Toxo. Screening ? * Newborn serologies with IgM
Syphilis basics ? * worry about 1 --> 2 syphilis in mothers.... *RPR and VDLR screening and then FTA is those are + ..... * TmT = Benzathine penicillin G
Rubella basics ? * single starnded RNA virus .... * part of the measles/mumps shot.... Eliminated from USA
CMV basics ? * Most common congenital viral infection .... * is a DNA HerpesVirus.... * most at danger to transmit when primary infection while pregnant..... *
CMV CxSx = ? * 90% are asymptomatic at birth...... * See Hearing Loss, vision, cranial calcifications, and growth loss
CMV Labs/TMT = ? * Viral isolation from urine or saliva in 1st 3 weeks of life .... * Tmt only in Symptomatic infants bc of SEs = Ganciclovir
Herpes Simplex (HSV) * double stranded DNA...* RARE !.... * Primary infection is more harmful than reactivation.... *Get from mothers Vag Canal, why we do C-Section in them
HSV CxSx ? * most asymptomatic, and even then are very non-specific... * eyes, skin rash, and CNS issues
HSV Dx and TmT = ? * Dx: Culture Maternal and Infant Lesions directly .... * TmT: High dose acyclovir
Created by: thamrick800