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Block lV, Unit 4

Force Development

AF developmental efforts that span a career are referred to as ____. (4-1) Continuum of Learning (CoL)
Who does the CoL apply to? (4-1) All Airmen - Civilian, Officer/Enlisted, Active Duty, ANG, Reserve components
Describe Formal Traning Category 1. (4-2) Training activities have general applications throughout the AF.
Describe Formal Training Category 2. (4-2) Training and Education activities are those conducted by MAJCOMs and their operational units.
Where is the Test Control Officer (TCO) function found? (4-3) Within thr Force Development Flight, Education and Training Section.
The TCO section administers what types of tests? (4-3) -Promotions -CDCs -Language -DANTES -Certifications -Developmental Education -Admissions Testing -Distance Learning
At a minimum, the TCO will ____. (4-4) Ensure test material inventories are conducted twice per year with an impartial official.
Name three Base Level TE responsibilities? (4-4) -Supervise all testing sessions -Brief test proctors helping with testing on their duties/requirements for safeguarding controlled test materials -Jointly conduct test material inventories with TCOs
What programs expand knowledge and increase understanding of the role of air, space, and cyberspace in times of peace and war? (4-4) AF Developmental Education (DE) Programs
What are the duties/responsibilities of the AU Registrar? (4-4) -Issue AU diplomas/transcripts -Publishes/maintains AU Academic Year catalog -Corrects invalid, missing and erroneously updated DE information
What is the first course of DE for officers? (4-6) Squadron Officer School (SOS)
2 methods used by UTMs that were designed to replace need to file/maintain paper copies of AF Form 623 (4-8) -AFTR (AF Training Record) -TBA (Training Business Area)
3 components of AF OJT Programs (4-10) -Job knowledge -Job proficiency -Job experience
After 2nd CDC failure, unit Commander will choose between which 3 actions? (4-11) -Evaluate trainee for possible CDC waiver -Withdraw trainee for failing to progress and pursue separation -Withdraw for failing to progress, request AFSC withdrawal and recommend retraining or return to previous AFSC
MPS Chief has overall responsibility for what program? (4-11) MPS In-House Training (IHT)
Who is a vital part of every MPS IHT Program? (4-12) PSM (Personnel System Managers)
Who provides special training to MPS work elements as actions required by change to MilPDS? (4-12) PSM (Personnel System Managers)
Created by: POCJan2014
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