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Block lV, Unit 3

Military Personnel

What document establishes minimum standards of personal appearance for AF members in uniform? AFI 36-2903
Who is responsible for supplementing AFI 36-2903 with base specific requirements? Installation Commander
What system is used to verify and confirm eligibility of individuals who receive Uniformed Services benefits? DEERS (Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System)
What is the network of micro-computers that links MPS to DEERS? RAPIDS (Real Time Automated Personnel Identification System)
What is a CC's rehabilitative tool that places an individual whose performance is substandard under observation for 6 months? Control Roster (CR)
Can ADSCs be served concurrently? Yes
What are 4 rules for ADSC Incurring events? 1. PCS 2. promotion 3. undergrad pilot training 4. navigator training
What is the program used to assist people resolve severe short-term problems with family members? Humanitarian Program
How are members notified of a PCS? email
How many days does a member have to acknowledge receipt of an assignment? 7 calendar days
Who maintains officer assignment authority? OAT (Officer Assignment Team)
What is the list of enlisted requirements that HQ AFPC intends to make to and from overseas areas for AB-SMSgt? EQUAL (Enlisted Quarterly Assignments Listing
This program was designed to assist EQUAL by advertising special duty and controlled special duties? EQUAL Plus
How far in advance of the PDD (projected departure date) can orders be published? 120 days
What must an Airman do prior to the orders being released/published? complete all required processing (medical, dental, retention, etc)
Which system allows AD members to see available vacancies for their next assignment? AMS (Assignment Management System)
What can a member do under the AMS Officer/Enlisted Assignment tab? view authorizations and requirements, enter search criteria (rank, location, state/country, AFSC, tour type, MAJCOM
What are 3 possible requirements of a PRP critical position? 1. close physical proximity to nuclear weapons, 2. controls access to technical data on the electrical or mechanical parts, 3. access to unlock/authenticate values of a nuclear weapon or weapon system
How would a member be in a PRP controlled position? person has access to be near nuclear weapons but does not possess the know-how to operate or launch a missile
Which program ensures that the AF retains only Airmen who consistently demonstrate the capability and willingness to maintain high professional standards? Selective Reenlistment Program (SRP)
What will a CC not consider during an SRP? career intent
What are 3 considerations that a CC will review during an SRP? 1. EPR rating, 2. unfavorable info from any source, 3. willingness to comply with AF standards
Which program has the sole purpose of preventing surpluses and shortages in a career force? Career Job Reservation (CJR)
Who qualifies for CJR? FTA (first term Airmen) who have been selected for reenlistment under SRP
What are 3 purposes of the Personnel Evaluation System? 1.performance feedback, 2. performance reporting, 3. promotion recommendations (enlisted only)
How long does a rater have to provide a feedback session when the ratee requests it? 30 days, as long as 60 days have elapsed since last feedback
What are 3 of the rater's responsibilities? 1. prepare, schedule, conduct feedback sessions, 2. provide realistic feedback to help the ratee improve, 3. provide the original PFW (typed or hand-written)
Who can be the reviewer/senior rater/final evaluator for an officer? at least grade of Col or civilian equivalent & serving as a Wing CC or equivalent
Who can be the reviewer/senior rater/final evaluator for an enlisted member? at least a grade of Major or a GS-12 Civilian
There are 14 reasons listed in AFI36-3208 for involuntary separations of enlisted Airmen. This is one example in Par3.18. (3-43) Early Release for Christmas
True or False An airmen is Subject to discharge for erroneous enlistment, reenlistment, or extension - if these would not have occurred, if the AF knew certain facts were untrue during the enlistment process. (3-43) TRUE
What are the two possible procedures for involuntary enlisted separation process:(3-44) 1. Board Hearing 2. Notification
What reasons would a 'Board Hearing' be utilized for involuntary separation? (3-44) 1. Respondent is an NCO at time 2. Respondent has 6 or more yrs TAFMS time 3. An UOTHC is recommended 4. Discharge is in the interest of national security, etc.
Which procedure for involuntary separation utilizes written notice of reasons/circumstances and is the least favorable type of separation authorized? 3-44) Notification
How many years of Total Active Military service (TAFMS) must a member have to be eligible to retire? (3-45) 20 years
When would an Active Duty enlisted member request voluntary retirement to be effective? (3-45) NLT than the 1st day of the mth following HYT date. (ex: CMSgt would need 30 yrs of service)
Why would Congress or the President suspend the operaton of laws, relating to mandatory retirement of regular/reserve mbrs? (3-45) In times of War or National Emergency
How long will Officers retained beyond their (MSD) Mandatory Separation Date, due to Stop Loss, stay on Active Duty? (3-45) Until the Secretary determines their services are no longer needed to support the present emergency.
What are three Certificates presented during a retirement ceremony? (3-47) 1. Unit Letter of Appreciation 2. DD Form 363AF, Certificate of Retirement 3. Presidential Letter of Appreciation (if appropriate)
What is the purpose of Force Shaping Programs? (3-48) Used to downsize/shape/reshape the Force. Used to keep end strength limits.
What are some Force Shaping tools utilized during the 1990s? (3-48) 1. voluntary separation incentive 2. special step bonus program
What are some Force Shaping tools utilized today? (3-48) 1. officer voluntary separation 2. officer limited AD service commitment waivers 3.Blue to Green options 4. enlisted/officer Palace chase program
What are 4 recommendation reasons for submitting a medal for members? (3-49) 1. meritorious service 2. outstanding achievement 3. heroism 4. aerial achievement
What is the 3rd highest "Peacetime" medal~surpassed only by the Legion of Merit & Distingquished Service Medal? (3-50) (MSM) The Meritorious Service Medal
What is a regular PRF? Completed by the promotion eligible officer's senior rater no earlier than 60 days prior to the section board
What is a narrative only PRF? Completed by the losing senior rater on all officers who are departing PCS for school (DE, AFIT, etc). DOES NOT include a DP/P/DNP
What is a recommendation only PRF? Completed by the AF Student MLR President for all student officers eligible to compete for promotion that year. DOES NOT include narrative
Created by: POCJan2014
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