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Block lV, Unit 1

Civilian Employee Management

Employees covered by a labor union are considered ... (1-2) Non-exempt
Employees not covered by a labor union are considered ... (1-2) Exempt
How long does a supervisor to whom an informal grievance has been presented have to resolve the matter and provide a written decision to the employee? (1-2) 15 calendar days after the date of the initial presentation
What does a job description or position description do? (1-3) Identifies the duties, responsibilities and supervisory relationships of a job.
APF formal disputes follow the grievance process per what AFI? (1-3) AFI 36-1203
If a civilian job is created or changed significantly, the immediate supervisor of the position must? (1-3) develop a job description identifying the duties, responsibilities, and supervisory relationships of the job
What is it called when an employing agency hires an employee for work on a project of a non-permanent nature and for a limited period of time (more than one year but not to exceed five years). (1-4) A term appointment
For how long can a term appointment be extended? (1-4) One year can be granted (for a total of six years max).
What are some reasons for making a term appointment? (1-4) Project work, extraordinary workload, scheduled abolishment of a position, reorganization, uncertainty of future funding and/or contracting out of the function.
How many progress reviews will take place during an appraisal period? (1-6) At least one.
Describe a "regular" appointment for a NAF employee. (1-8) The Air Force guarantees these employees 20 to 40 hours per week.
Describe a "flexible" appointment for a NAF employee. (1-8) The needs of the activity determine the employees' work hours (0-40 hours per week).
Who initiates personnel actions and maintains records on NAF employees (with assistance from the NAF Human Resource Office staff)? (1-8) Supervisors
What types of employees do supervisors NOT discipline with suspensions and removal actions? (1-9) Flexible
How do supervisors give all disciplinary actions? In writing (with the obvious exception of oral admonishment).
How many hours of leave can employees carry from one leave-year to the next? (1-9) No more than 240.
There are two types of NAF civilian appointments which are? (1-8) (1) Regular - Air Force guarantees 20-40 hours per week (2) Flexible - May work 0-40 hours per week
Supervisors must initiate personnel actions and maintain records on their employees with the assistance of? (1-8) NAF Human Resource Office (HRO) Staff
What are some of the NAF Disciplinary Actions supervisors take to correct and rehabilitate employees for misconduct? (1-9) (1) Oral Admonishment (2) Reprimand (3) Termination (4) Suspension (regular appointment only) (5) Demotion (6) Removal (regular appointment only)
Created by: POCJan2014
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