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13-1-6.4-1 Ch. 3

Oxygen Equipment

Aircraft oxygen systems installed in naval aircraft fall into one of the following categories: 1. ______ Oxygen systems: a. low pressure (0-500psig), high pressure (0-1800psig), and reduced high pressure 2. ______ oxygen systems Gaseous and Liquid
Diluter demand type regulators are used on ____ oxygen systems, while the automatic positive pressure diluter demand type regulator are used with either gaseous or liquid oxygen systems Gaseous
What is the MIL SPEC for O2 cleaning compound? MIL-C-81302
Only oxygen conforming to MIL-PRF-______ Type 1 shall be used in aircraft gaseous oxygen systems. 27210
Aviator's breathing oxygen supply cylinders can be readily identified by their ____ color and ___ inch wide white band around the upper circumference of the cylinder Green color and 3 inch wide
What shall be stenciled in white parralel to the longitudinal axis and on diametrically opposed sides in letters 1 3/4 to 2 inches high. OXYGEN, AVIATOR'S
The pressure in oxygen storage cylinders which service/replenish aircraft oxygen supply cylinders should not fall below ___ psig 50 psig
A fully oxygen cylinder is a cylinder which is charged to its rated pressure. With respect to a high pressure oxygen cylinder, ____ psig is considered full. 1,800 psig
Hydrostatic test interval for P-3 fixed installed oxygen cylinders shall not exceed __ years. In all other cases, a hydrostatic test is good for how long? 8 / 5
Always assume that frosted or uninsulated parts of liquid oxygen equipment are approximately _____ degrees F -297 degrees F
The expansion ratio of LOX is what? If this evaporation and expansion were to take place in a confined space, explosive pressure will be in excess of _______ psig 862:1 / 12,000
Only liquid oxygen conforming to MIL-PRF-______ Type II shall be used in aircraft liquid oxygen systems. 27210
A maximum of ___ LOX converters can be drained at one time 2
Keep open flames at least ___ feet away from oxygen storage tanks or oxygen equipment. 100 feet
Liquid oxygen containers must be stored apart from containers of other gases or liquids and must not be stored within ___ feet of flammable material of any kind 50 feet
Use only ___-____ ______, Type 1, Class 1, Grade B for purging oxygen systems Oil-Free Nitrogen
Oil Free Nitrogen bottles are ____ in color and have 2 ___ inch wide black bands Grey / 3 inch
When purging, oil-free nitrogen must be heated and passed through the system at maximum pressure which is ______psig and at a minimum temperature of 90 degrees F for ___ minutes 120 psig / 30 minutes
LOX converters have inspection interval dates of what? 231 days
Operation of the Automatic Positive Pressure Diluter Demand Regulator at altitudes up to what? 28,000 to 32,000 feet
How long can it take for an OBOGS caution to occur while holding the pneumatic BIT button? 65 Seconds
Oxygen systems regulate gaseous oxygen from what psi to what safe operating range? 1,800 psi to 60-70 psi
Gaseous Oxygen falls into what three categories? Low Pressure (0-500 psig) High Pressure (0-1800 psig) Reduced High Pressure
Gaseous Oxygen Systems are used in what type aircraft? Multiplace aircraft where space and weight considerations are less important items
What type aircraft are Liquid Oxygen Systems used in? Aircraft where space and weight consideration is paramount
Liquid oxygen systems consist of what parts? Converter Filler valve Heat exchanger Control valve Releif valve Tubing Regulators and other cockpit instruments
Diluter Demand Type Regulators are used in some aircraft with what systems? Gaseous Oxygen Systems
By placing the diluter lever knob to the normal position, an air-oxygen mixture is supplieds upon demand up to what alttitude? A) 32,000-45,000 feet B) 28,000-32,000 feet C) 25,000-32,000 feet B) 28,000-32,000 feet
At approximately _________ feet ambient air is shut off, and the user receives 100% oxygen? A) 25,000 feet B) 45,000 feet C) 31,000 feet D) 32,000 feet D) 32,000 feet
Automatic Positive Pressure Diluteer Demand Regulators are used in aircraft with what type systems? A) Gaseous B) Liquid C) Gaseous or Liquid C) Gaseous or Liquid
Positive Pressure Regulators at 28,000-32,000 feet are the same as what regulator? Diluter Demand Regulator
Above what alttitude does the Positive Pressure Diluter Regulator add oxygen at a posiutive pressure to the mask? A) 25,000 feet B) 30,000 feet C) 35,000 feet D) 40,000 feet B) 30,000 feet
Service ceiling of the Positive Pressure Diluter Regulator is what altrittude? A) 40,000 feet B) 45,000 feet C) 50,000 feet D) 55,000 feet C) 50,000 feet
Pressure Diluter Regulator shall not be used above what altittude except for short periods? A) 40,000 feet B) 42,000 feet C) 43,000 feet D) 44,000 feet C) 43,000 feet
Miniature Regulators do what? reduce and regulate supply pressure, and deliver 100% oxygen
A safety feature on the Mini Regulator automatically maintains a pressure of what amount? 0 to 2.5 H2O at all altitudes up to and including what altitude? A)34,000 B)35,000 C)54,000 34,000 feet
In the mini Regulator the pressure breathing feature maintains a positive pressure in the mask of up to what? 20.0 in H2O at altitudes between what and what? A)30,000 and 50,000 B)35,000 and 50,000 C)35,000 and 55,000 35,000 and 50,000 feet
Miniature Regulators can be used up to how many feet? A) 41,000 B) 43,000 C) 45,000 43,000
Only oxygen conforming to ________ shall be used in aircraft gaseous oxygen systems. A) MIL-PRF-27312 Type I B) MIL-PRF-27210 Type I C) MIL-PRF-27215 Type I MIL-PRF-27210 Type I
How can you identify Aviator oxygen supply cylinders? Green 3 in white band around upper cylinder
What shall be stenciled in white letters 1 3/4 to 2 in high OXYGEN AVIATORS
Pressure in oxygen cylinders shall not fall below what amount? A) 50 psig B) 55 psig C) 60 psig 50 psig
All cylinders which have a pressure below _______ shall be removed from service for vacuum and heat drying/hot nitrogen gas drying A) 5 psig B) 10 psig C) 15 psig 15 psig
Hydrostatic test interval for P3 fixed installed oxygen cylinders shall not exceed ______ years. A) 4 B) 5 C) 8 8
Never refill a cylinder that has reached what? 5 year hydro test
Always assume that frosted or uninsulated lines are at what temp? A) -197 degrees F B) -235 degrees F C) -297 degrees F -297 degrees F
One volume of liquid oxygen will expand to ______ volumes of gaseous oxygen. If this happens in confined space it can explode. A) 10,000 B) 11,000 C) 12,000 12,000
Only liquid oxygen conforming to ___________ shall be used in aircraft liquid oxygen systems. A) MIL-PRF-27211 TYPE II B) MIL-PRF-27210 TYPE II C) MIL-PRF-27205 TYPE II MIL-PRF-27210 TYPE II
LOX storage shelves shall not be less then ______ high and no less then _______ deep? 17 inch 18 inch
LOX shelters shall be painted what color with what color reflective tape? white paint green tape
Letters on LOX shelter shall be no less then _________ high. 2 inch
Purge oxygen systems with what? A) oil free nitrogen type II class I Grade B B) oil free nitrogen type I class II Grade B C) oil free nitrogen type I class I Grade B oil free nitrogen type I class I Grade B
Oxygen test stands and purging equipment use only nitrogen from what color cylinders and marked with what? gray paint NITROGEN OIL FREE in white letters Two 3-in wide black bands
When purging oxygen systems you pass a maximum pressure ___________psig and a minimum temp of _______ degrees for _____ min. 120 psig 90oF 30 Min
Inspections on LOX converters are done how often? 231 days
ARO Lox converters are purged at ambiant temp for a period of ______-min. A) 50 B) 60 C) 70 60
Oxygen shops should be kept at what temp? 65-75F
Oxygen is about_________ times densor then air? A) 5% B) 10% C) 15% 10%
Oxygen shops shall be exausted how often for shore and how often for ship 3 per hour shore 2 per hour ship
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