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Block lV, Unit 2

Personnel Systems Management

One of the Virtual Personnel Services Center application modules and will augment the current capability to search the electronic record documents stored as images within ARMS. (2-21) Personnel Records Display Assistant (PRDA)
Enables leaders at all levels (MPS, MAJCOM, AFPC, ANG, ARPC, Air Staff) to make faster and more informed business decisions regarding personnel. (2-29) Discoverer
Designed to help identify potential MilPDS database errors and assist with database integrity issues. (2-29) Management Assessment Products (MAPs) & MPS Management Tool
Schedules, produces and will suspense the Management Assessment Products (MAPs)to assist the MPS work centers with data integrity clean up monthly. (2-29) Human Resources Systems (HRSM)/Personnel Systems Manager (PSM)
Assists the identification of database errors. (2-29) Human Resources Systems (HRSM)/Personnel Systems Manager (PSM)
Reflect all transactions processed, either successfully or unsuccessfully, during each daily online session. (2-30) Transaction Registers
In conjunction with the FMT ID field, this will indicate whether action is required or not. (2-32) Narrative Field
An example of an important document that needs to make its way into ARMS. (2-19) Reenlistment Contract
What does ARMS stand for? (2-19) Automated Record Management System.
myPers (2-1) (1)Tier o customer support provided by TFSC (2)Rapidly implements reliable, integrated and secure info technology to improve personnel services accessibility and usability (3) supports PSDT
Personnel Service Delivery Guides web page contains numerous PSD guides. Personnel areas covered include: (2-4) (1)Assignments (2)BLSDM (3)Customer Support
Personnel Service Delivery Memorandums: uses (2-4) (1)Announce unclassified personnel subject matters to include new personnel policies, procedures, and guidance (2)Used for info & action requirements to all MPSs and base level FSS CCs
Personnel Service Delivery Memorandums: distribution (2-4) Sent to active duty MPS, HQ, and Major commands; OPR handles all other distributions
CCs may utilize dashboard to request what personnel transactions? (2-5) (1)Request decoration RIP (DECOR 6) (2)Request change of reporting office (CRO) (3)Report duty status change
CCs also use dashboard to request what rosters? (2-5) UPMR
Out processing (2-6) vMPF used for out-processing, one can check personal info and get a list of tasks needed to complete before you are able to out process a base
Retraining (2-7) vMPF self services application; module provides capability for first term and career airman to request voluntary retraining under CAREERS or NCORP
vPC-GR (2-7) Dashboard is centralized location that allows ANG and reserve members to manage their profiles, submit online applications (e.g. Decorations, evals, training reports, etc.) review/coordinate existing applications, as well as run individual reports
Summary of cases requiring Action (2-15) A.k.a. CMS "inboxes"; where user locates cases assigned to his/ her agency
Enter/Update/request Status on Case (2-16) User can enter a new case, update an existing case, or request status on a case. Using update or request status also allows any user to attach a document to the case.
______ ___________ is revised continually with additional details for web-based personnel processing applications (PPAs) to ensure availability of the most current information and guidance. (2-3) PSD Guide
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