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small firm whitish nodule w/ black dot or punctum (most common tumor found on the vulva) epidermoid cysts
blocked sweat glands apocrine sweat gland cysts
blockage of a Bartholin gland located bilaterally to the vaginal orifice Bartholin's Duct cyst (and abscess)
if a Bartholin's cyst appears for the 1st time in a women over _____, get biopsy to rule out rare Bartholin's gland ______ 40, carcinoma
caused by blockage of an endocervical gland cervical cyst
usually small, white, and firm. also called nabothian or retention cysts cervical cyst
tx of cervical cyst? nothing required! reassurance
benign growths of the endocervical canal cervical polyps
painful burning vesicles that evolve into ulcers genital herpes
____ can be both above and below the waist, _____ only occurs below the waist HSV-1, HSV-2
gold standard for dx of genital herpes viral culture!
tx of genital herpes no tx! but Acyclovir helps
flat-surfaced, rough, fleshy, lesions that may or may not be pedunculated genital warts/condyloma acuminata
genital warts caused by _____. warts are usually serotypes ____&____ and cervical cancers are usually ____&____ 6&11, 16&18
dx and tx of genital warts? dx: PE, tx: excision, cryotherapy, topical acid, etc w/ weekly follow-up
an overgrowth of normal vaginal bacteria bacterial vaginosis
dominant species of bacterial vaginosis Gardnerella vaginalis
presentation of bacterial vaginosis? discharge that often appears grayish, watery or thin, and profuse but nonirritating. MALODOROUS
dx tests for bacterial vaginosis? Whiff test, wet mount, pH eval (>4.5)
clue cells found in what? bacterial vaginosis
tx of bacterial vaginosis? Metronidazole
PRURITIS, burning, dysuria, dyspareunia, vulvar edema, erythema, discharge that is thick/white/curd-like Candidiasis
if a women presents w/ dysuria, but UA is normal, think about ______ yeast
KOH prep of candidiasis will show what? branching hyphae and spores
tx of candidiasis? OTC topicals, Rx topicals, Fluconazole
discharge is that thin or watery, yellow to green to gray, possibly frothy, sometimes malodorous, pruritis. STRAWBERRY CERVIX Trichomonas Vaginalis
dx for trich? wet prep w/ saline shows protozoan. future is most sensitive and specific (GOLD STANDARD)
tx of trich? Metronidazole
N. gonorrhoeae or C. trachomatis. mucopurulent discharge from cervix with possible CMT, w/o other sxs of PID cervical infection (cervicitis)
dx for gonorrhea and chlamydia? nucleic acid amp test (NAAT)
tx of gonorrhea? Ceftriaxone IM w/ either azithromycin or Doxy. also tx partner and education
most frequently reported STD in US w/ highest incidence in 15-19yo Chlamydia
tx of chlamydia? azithromycin OR doxy (tx for gonorrhea also, unless r/o). tx parter, education. RETEST IN 3 MONTHS
VIN is related to HPV ____&____ 16 & 18
_____ _____ has velvety red lesions and can be associated w/ a malignant epithelial cell CA Paget dz
vulvar cancer is usually a ______ cell _____ squamous cell carcinoma
vaginal cancer is very rare and often ____ asymptomatic
Cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN) refers to ______ changes in the cervical epithelium premalignant
3 degrees of CIN? CIN 1: lower 1/3 of epithelium CIN 2: lower 2/3 CIN 3: more than 2/3
primary cause of CIN is _____; serotypes ___&___ HPV; 16 & 18
RF for CIN? mult or early exposure to HPV, smoking, immunodeficiency
screening for CIN 1st step: Pap 2nd step: colposcopy indicates I, II, or III
cervical CA should being at age ___ and repeated ever ____ yrs as long as results are negative 21, 3
screening b/n 21 and 30yo should be ______ only and not include ____ cytology, HPV
women >_____yo can be screened every 5 yrs if both cytology and HPV are negative 30yo
screening can be d/c at age _____ if low risk 65
women who have had CIN 2 or 3 or cervical CA should have annual screening for at least _____ yrs after tx 20
what does ASC-US indicate? do HPV testing. if -, repeat pap in 1yr. if +, refer for colposcopy and biopsy
preferred surgical excision methods of cervical CA (CIN II and III) LEEP
first sx of cervical CA postcoital bleeding
tx of cervical CA? hysterectomy, radiation, or chemo-radiation therapy. prognosis depends on the stage
prevention of cervical CA? Gardasil (protects against 6, 11, 16, 18) approved for ages 9-26 for both men and women
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