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Anatomy terminology

roots, prefixes, & suffixes

a- , an- absence
ab- departing from
ad- toward
anti- preventing
ante- preceding
cochlea snail shell
cyst sac, bladder
endo within, inner
epi over, above
exo outside, outer layer
hist tissue
hyper excess
hypo below, deficint
inter between
medi middle
mega large
meta beyond, between
myo muscle
peri around
soma body
tunic covering
ac referring to / extreme or extremity
clast break
blast bud.... immature form of a cell
lemma sheath, husk
logy the study of
stitia come to stand
gastric stomach
hepatic liver
renal kidney
neuro nerve
derm skin
papilla nipple
terminal at the end
plexus network
intra within, inside
inter between
sulcus furrow or groove
medulla inner or deep part of an organ or structure
cortex outer or superficial part of an organ or body structure
osteo bone
di double, twice
bi two
tri three
trabeculae small bar, rod, bundle of fibers
lobe curved or rounded projection or division
fiber threadlike
filament single thread
gluco glucose
transverse being across
longitudinal lengthwise dimension
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