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normal position of the uterus anteflexion
pouch between the uterus and rectum rectouterine pouch (pouch of Douglas)
space between the uterus and bladder vesicouterine pouch
names of the vestibular glands and what they do lesser-continually secrete (more anterior) greater-secrete during arousal (more posterior)
purpose of the menstrual cycle to prepare the endometrium each month for the reception of a fertilized ovum
function of the ovarian cycle to assist in the maturation of an ovum
both cycles controlled by ______, which stimulates the release of ____ and _____. GnRF, FSH, LH
_____ is from anterior pituitary, stimulates initial development of ovarian follicle and secretion of ______ by the ovaries FSH, estrogen
____ is from the anterior pituitary, further development of ovarian follicle, triggers ovulation, stimulates secretion of _____ and _____ by the ovaries LH, estrogen, progesterone
what does progesterone do? works w/ estrogen to prepare the endometrium for implantation and the mammary glands for milk secretion
stimulates dev and maintenance of female reproductive structures, including secondary sex characteristics. also works w/ progesterone to prepare endometrium for implantation estrogen
average duration of cycle 28 days (ranges from 24-35)
first day of the cycle is the first day of _______ menses
________ is the middle of the cycles ovulation
first half of the cycles are called menses and preovulatory or follicular phase or proliferative phase
1st half of cycle caused by a sudden reduction in ________ and ______ progesterone and estrogen
_______ is the dominant ovarian hormone during the first half of the cycles estrogen
first half of cycle--____ dominates over _____ until about day 14 when an ______ spike triggers ovulation FSH, LH, LH
2nd half of the cycles are called postovulatory or luteal phase or secretory phase
2nd half: the empty follicle becomes the ______ ______ which will secrete both ______ and _________ corpus luteum, estrogen, progesterone
2nd half: _____ is the dominant ovarian hormone progesterone
2nd half: ____ and _____ can occur. if they don't occur, the corpus lute degenerates and _____ and _____ levels drop to trigger menses and start a new cycle. fertilization and implantation, estrogen and progesterone
between ages __ and __ the adrenal gland starts to increase its production of androgenic hormones 6 and 8
age at which estrogen triggers physical changes in girls ~10yo
the stage at which a girl has her first menstrual cycle menarche
avg age of menarche 12-13 years
menarche usually occurs _____ years after the development of breast buds 2.5 years
menstrual cycles are usually irregular for ___-___ years after menarche 1-2
a way of documenting a pt's level of sexual development Tanner Stages (5 stages for girls)
most women continue menstruation for about _____ yrs 40
menopause: ___ months of amenorrhea after the final menstrual period 12
avg age of menopause 51
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