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Quiz 1

Meds,Urine, Blood

Bilirubin Liver Disease
Urobilingon Cirrhosis, hepatitis
Ketone Diabetes
Protien UTI, Bladder, urethra injury. Diabetic kidney damage, strep
Nitrite e.coli, Staph, bacteria
Glucose diabetes
PH Kidney UT disorder,dehydration
Specific Gravity Diabetes dehydration, kidney disorder
Leukocytes UTI
Lt. Blue vac invert and order of draw 3-4 inversions first draw
Speckled Red/Black 5 inversions second draw
Lavender 8-10 inversions fifth draw
Yellow 0 Inversions last draw
green/tan 8-10 Inversions 4th order of draw
CBC w/diff/plt (Lav) anemia leukemia inflammatory
CBC(H/H, RBC, WBC, PLT) (Lav)Immune system, anemia, blood abnormalities, inflammiton
CEA (SP)carcinembryonic antigen -protein in blood-certain kinds of cancers-large intestine colon and rectal,pancreas, breast, ovary, or lung.
CMP (SP)complete metabolic panel, diabetes, liver kidney disease
Digoxin (digitalis) Treats heart rhythm(atrial fibrillation)heart failure,usually in combination with a diuretic and an angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitor.Levels monitored to avoid toxicity.
Estradiol (SP)decrease sex hormone ,cancer, puberty, hyperthyroidism, menopause
Hem A1c (LAV)hemoglobin, diabetes
Lipids (SP)high cholesterol,triglycerides
Progesterone (SP) hormone level,ovulating
PSA(total) (SP)Prostate Specific Antigen/cancer
PT w/INR (Blue)meds- heparin, warfarin, coumadin measures time-blood clots
Testosterone total (SP)hypogonadism replacement, test ,therapy
TSH (SP)Thyroid stimulating hormone
Testosterone free/total (RED)hypoandrogenism sexual development
TSH t3 t4 total free + thyroxine(t4) tri-iodothyronine(t3)
Uric Acid Gout , kidney stone, kidney disease, medication
Atenolol High BP
Metformin type 2 diabetes
Metoprolol succinate high BP
Oxycodone pain
Paxil antidepressant
Tramadol pain
Nexium heartburn
lexapro anti depression
Vicodin pain
Anbien sleep
Zoloft depression
Hydrocodone pain
Lisinopril high BP
Lasix High BP h2o pill
Simcastatin high cholesterol
Lecothyroxine hypothyroidism
(Cipro)floxacin bacterial infection
Lipitor high cholesterol
hydrochlorothiazide High blood pressure,Heart failure,Swelling, Diabetes insipidus, Nephrotic syndrome(Losartan)
Alprazilam anxiety, depression,xanax
Created by: 1035504846
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