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Correcting Military Records

What Manual is This Found In Correcting Military Records, COMDINST M1070.1
PRRB Stands For Personnel Records Review Board
BCMR Stands For Board for Correction of Military Records
Lowest Level of Appeal Chain of command
Chain of Command Appeal Is the simplest and fastest means of correction, this is called a “Request Mast”
Purpose of COC Appeals Recommended to have a more senior person than the person making the entry review the allegedly improper entry
Selective Reenlist Bonus Any enlisted MBR or former MBR who claims to have been denied in whole or in part payment of an SRB due to an administrative error or oversight
SRB Appeals are Submitted Directly to BCMR, clearly identifying what caused them to believe that an SRB was withheld erroneously
PRRB Policy To provide formalized method for MBRs to see correction to personnel records
Who is Responsible for PRRBs The Assistant Commandant for Human Resources
PRRB Scope of Review Review all applications for correction of error in personnel records
PRRB Excludes Court Martial Proceedings, Upgrading Discharges, Medical Sep and Ret, NJP, EER, Personnel Security & Suitability Program, Discrimination Complaints & Administrative Discharge Board Proceedings
Medical Appeals Are Considered Medical Review Board and not PRRB/BCMR
Order of Appeal Precedence COC, PRRB then BCMR
PRRB May Recommend Corrections…. Other than those specifically requested by the applicant
PRRB Will Not Accept Applications From Persons who are retired or separated
Third Party PRRB Applications Will not be accepted, expect in extreme conditions such as death or incompetency
PRRB Proceedings are… Administrative, non-adversarial and informal
The Burdon of Proof is Upon the Applicant The applicant must produce clear and convincing evidence
Applications Must be Supported By Relevant and reliable evidence, including sworn statements of relevant witnesses and the applicant
PRRB Applications Are Sent To Commandant (CG-12)
PRRB Time Restrictions Applications must been received by CG-12 within 1 years of the date which the contested information was entered or should have been entered
PRRB Form DD Form 149
Does the DD Form 149 Need to be Submitting Through the MBRs COC No, it is advised, but not necessary
Send In Original and ________ Copies 5 copies of the entire package
UCMJ Article 138 Is a means for military MRBs to seek redress of alleged “wrongs” committed by the MBRs CO
DRB Discharge Review Board, for a change in the character of, and/or the reason for, the discharge
DRB Application Form DD Form 293
DRB Limitations Application must be received within 15 years of separation date
BCMR Limitations Applications normal filing limit is 3 years from the date of discovery of the alleged error of injustice
BCMR Application Form DD Form 149
Created by: ashleycoker
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