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12.1 CF Pulmonology

Combining Forms for Pulmonology

aden/o- gland
alveoli/o- alveolus(air sac)
anthrac/o- coal
arteri/o- artery
asbest/o- asbestos
aspir/o- to breath in; to suck in
asthm/o- asthma
atel/o- incomplete
auscult/o- listening
bacteri/o- bacterium
bi/o- life; living organisms; living tissue
bronch/o- bronchus
bronchi/o- bronchus
bronchiol/o- bronchiole
capn/o- carbon dioxide
carbox/y- carbon monoxide
carcin/o- cancer
cardi/o- heart
cellul/o- cell
chron/o- time
cocc/o- spherical bacterium
coni/o- dust
cortic/o- cortex(outer region)
cost/o- rib
cyan/o- blue
cyst/o- bladder; fluid sac; semisolid cyst
diaphragmat/o- diaphragm
dilat/o- dilate; widen
effuse/o- a pouring out
embol/o- embolus(occluding plug)
fibr/o- fiber
fus/o- pouring
gen/o- arising from; produced by
glob/o- shaped like a globe; comprehensive
glott/o- glottis(of the larynx)
hal/o- breathe
hem/o- blood
hil/o- hilam(indentation in an organ)
infect/o- disease within
laryng/o- larynx(voice box)
kal/i- potassium
lingu/o- tongue
lob/o- lobe of an organ
log/o- word; the study of
malign/o- intentional; causing harm; cancer
metabol/o- change; transformation
muc/o- mucus
mucos/o mumcous membrane
nas/o- nose
obstruct/o- blocked by a barrier
or/o- mouth
orth/o- straight
ox/i- oxygen
ox/o- oxygen
ox/y- oxygen; quick
pariet/o- wall of a cavity
paroxysm/o- sudden, sharp attack
pector/o- thorax (chest)
percuss/o- tapping
pharyng/o- pharync (throat)
phil/o- attraction to; fondness for
phren/o- diaphragm; mind
phys/o- inflate; distend; grow
pleur/o- pleura (lung membrane)
pne/o- breathing
pneum/o- lung; air
pneumon/o- lung; air
pulmon/o- lung
purul/o- pus
py/o- pus
radi/o- radius (forearm bone); x-rays; radiation
resect/o- to cut out; remove
resuscit/o- revive; raise up again
sensiv/o- affected by; sensitive to
sept/o- septum (dividing wall)
spir/o- breathe; a coil
steth/o- chest
therap/o- treatment
thorac/o- thorax (chest)
trache/o- trachea (windpipe)
tract/o- pulling
tubercul/o- nodule; tuberculosis
tuber/o- nodule
tub/o- tube
turbin/o- scroll-like structure; turbinate
tuss/o- cough
ventil/o- movement of air
vir/o- virus
viscer/o- large internal organs
Created by: vikingmedterm