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National Government

Questions for test

Feb 2014 SemesterMay 2014 Semester
1.Be familiar with political socialization and some of the variables that tend to influence it. (Short answer)
2.Be familiar with political ideology and the differences that exist between conservatism and liberalism. (Multiple choice).
3. Be familiar with both constitutionalism and constitution, in terms of their meaning and general purpose. 3.Theory of Constitutionalism= The belief that government has restrictions on it-that a constitution is binding. Natural Rights= The belief that man is born with certain Gov-given, certain Universal,Unalienable rights. Such rights cannot be taken away by man. These rights include life (i.e., due process),liberty (i.e., negative freedom),and property (i.e., due process). Limited Gov't
4. Be familiar with social contract theory, as espoused by both John Locke and Thomas Jefferson. (Fill in the Blank). 4. Social Contract Theory= Argued by John Locke in 1690- The notion that government is premised upon consent, that an implied contract exists between government and the people, that government's sole purpose is to protect the people's natural rights. However, whenever government can no longer protect the people's natural rights or in fact wages war on them, the people reserve the right to rebellion.
5. Be familiar with both the Nationalist and State Rightist, in terms of who they were and what they stood for- their position.(Fill-in-the-Blank). 5. Nationalist (e.g., Hamilton) who wanted to create a stronger national government (and get rid of the Articles).
A Comparison of the Articles and the U.S Constitution. The Articles Unicameral 2-7 per State One voter per State State Legislatures One Year Paid by States None Maritime Court Congress All States Authorized Congress; Supplied by States Both Allowable Allowable U.S. Constitution Bicameral House: Based on Population; Senate: Two per State One Vote per Member House: People; Senate: State Legislatures House: Two-years; Senate Six years Paid by the Federal Gov't President Federal Judiciary Supreme Court 3/4 of States Congress Federal Gov't Forbidden (Both Levels) Forbidden (Both Levels)
Created by: Mary2274
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