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Ch 5 - Vocabulary


Adverse effect An unfavorable, detrimental, or pathological reaction to a drug that occurs when appropriate doses are given.
AHIMA American Health Information Management Association: A national professional organization for promoting the art and science of medical record management and improving the quality of comprehensive health information for the welfare of the public.
Benign of a mild type or character that does not threaten health or life. Non-Cancerous.
Chief Complaint (CC) A patient's statement describing symptoms, problems, or conditions as the reason for seeking health care services from a physician.
Conventions Rules or principles for determining a diagnostic code when using diagnostic code books.
Debridement Removal of dead, damaged or infected tissue.
Diagnosis (Dx) the art or act of identifying a disease from its signs and symptoms
E-Code External cause of injury, accident, poisoning, and other adverse reactions to chemical. (never make primary)
Eponym The name of a disease, anatomic structure, operation, or procedure, usually derived from the name of a place where it first occurred or a person who discovered or first described it.
Etiology The causes of disease; the study of the cause of a disease.
Excision surgical removal of organ, bone, or tissue.
Fx Fracture: complete or incomplete break in bone
Hx History: recording of past event that maybe relevant to patients current state of health.
Hypertension Abnormally High blood pressure
ICD-9 International Classification of Diseases Ninth Revision: Diagnostic code
In-Situ A description applied to a malignant growth confined to the site of origin without invasion of neighboring tissues.
Malignant Cancerous or life threatening.
Metastasis Process in which tumor cells spread and transfer from one organ, tissue or body part to another site.
Neoplasm Benign or malignant tumor.
Primary Diagnosis Initial identification of the condition or chief complaint for which the patient is treated for outpatient medical care.
Principal Diagnosis A condition established after study that is chiefly responsible for the admission of the patient to the hospital.
Tx Treatment: Administration of remedies to a patient for disease, injury, or condition.
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