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Tissues and Membrane

Chapter 4 (completion)

Diffusion of gases in the lungs is possible because the alveoli are made of Simple Squamous Epithelium
The tissue that removes dust and pathogens from the trachea is Ciliated Epithelium
The tissue that keeps the trachea an open air way is Cartilage
The epidermis of the skin is made of ____ to help prevent water loss Stratified Squamous Epithelium
The urinary bladder is lined with ____ in which the cells stretch and flatten Transitional Epithelium
The esophagus and vagina are lined with _____ which is capable of mitosis Stratified Squamous Epithelium
The group of tissues that forms glands or covers the surfaces is the Epithelium tissues
Organs that contain epithelium tissue capable of secretion are called glands
The tissue that protects the brain from mechanical injury Bone
The tissue that forms smooth surface joints is Cartilage
Ligaments are made of Fibrous Connective Tissue
Ligaments connect bone to ___ and are made of __ tissue Bone, Fibrous Connective Tissue
The cells of bone tissue are called ___ and the bone matrix is made primarily of ______ Osteocytes, Calcium salts, Collagen
Chondrocytes are the cells found in Cartilage
Cartilage matrix differ from bone matrix in that cartilage is ______ and bone not Flexabile
Fibrous Connective Tissue is made primary of Parallel Collagen Fibers
Fibrous Connective Tissue is made primarily of the protein_____and its cells are called ____ Collagen, Fibroblast
The most important physical characteristics of collagen is that it is strong
The most important physical characteristics of elastin is that it is elastic
Collagen and elastin are ___ molecules made by cells called Protein, Fibroblasts
The function of red blood cells is to carry oxygen
Red blood cells are able to carry oxyen because they contain Hemoglobin
The protein Hemoglobin is found in___ cells and contains the mineral___ Red Blood, Iron
The general function of WBC's is to Destroy pathogens
The blood cells that destroy pathogens are White Blood Cells
The function of platelets is Blood Clotting
The blood cells that contribute to blood clotting is Platelets
The function of Red bone marrow can be summarized by saying that it is primary_____ tissue in the body Hemopoietic
All kinds of blood cells are produced in the Red Bone Marrow
An organ made of lymphatic tissue is the Spleen
An organ made primarily of nerve tissue is the___and the nerve cells are called Brain, Neurons
The major parts of a nerve cell are its Cell Body, Dendrites, Axon
The space between two nerve cells is ____ where the nerve impulse is carried by and Synapse, Neurotransmitter
The function of a neurotransmitter is to carry___across an Nerve Impulse, Synapses
Electrical insulation for nerve cells is provided by the Myelin Sheath
The myelin sheath provides ___________ for the nerve cells Electrical Insulation
The heart is made of ____which ______ Cardiac Muscle, Pumps Blood
All muscle contractions move something Cardiac Muscle moves Blood
The membrane modifications of cardiac muscle cells that ensure rapid impulse transmission are called Intercalated Discs
The _____ tissue of the small intestine creates waves of contraction called peristalsis Smooth Muscle
The digestive enzymes of the small intestine are secreted by Simple Columnar tissus
The surface lining of the small intestine is increased by the presence of ___ on the lining cells Microvilli
The Serous Membrane that lines the abdominal cavity is the Peritoneum
The Serous Membrane that covers the abdominal organs is the Mesentery
The Serous Membrane that lines the thoracic cavity is the Parietal Pleura
The Serous Membrane that covers the lungs is the Visceral Pleura
The general function of serous fluid in all its locations is to Prevent Friction
Preventing friction between serous membrane is the function of Serous Fluid
The fluid that traps bacteria and dust in the respiratory tract is Mucus
The fluid that is a lubricant in the digestive tract is Mucus
The transporting fluid of blood is called Plasma
The specific tissue that moves the body is Skeletal Muscle
The specific tissue that produces a large amount of body heat is Skeletal Muscle
The type of muscle tissue that is also called voluntary is Skeletal Muscle
The type of muscle tissue that MUST receive nerve impulses to contract is Skeletal Muscle
The type of muscle tissue found in the arteries and veins is Smooth Muscle
The type of muscle tissue that constricts the pupil of the eye is Smooth Muscle
Two body tracts systems that are lines with mucous membrane are the ____and the ______ Digestive, Respiratory
The respiratory tract is lined with____ membrane, some cells of which have _____ to sweep pathogens out. Mucus, Cilia
Of uterus, artery, and trachea, the one NOT lined with mucous membrane is the Artery
Of the urethra, heart, and pharynx, the one Not lined with mucous membrane is the Heart
Endocine glands secret their products into Capillaries
Exocrine glands secret their products into Ducts
Glands that have ducts are called __ glands Exocrine
The unicellular gland that secrete mucus it the respiratory tract are called Goblet Cells
The tissue that stores potential energy potential energy in the form of true fat is Adipose Tissue
The tissue that forms a cushion around the eyes and kidneys is Adipose Tissue
The tissue between the skin and muscles that produces a hormone that influences appetite is Adipose Tissue
The ____ connective tissue between the skin and muscles contains white blood cells to destroy pathogens Areolar
The ______connective tissue of the lungs is important for normal exhalation. Elastic
The ______connective tissue that forms tendons is strong Fibrous
The connective tissue membrane that covers a muscle is Deep Fascia
The connective tissue membrane that lines joint cavities is Synovial
The connective tissue membrane that cover a bone is Periosteum
The connective tissue membranes that cover the brain are the Meninges
Type of muscle tissue found in the uterus is Smooth Muscle
The serous membrane that lines the fibrous pericardium is the Parietal Pericardium
The serous membrane that covers the heart is the Visceral Pericardium
The part of the neuron that carries impulses away form the cell body is Axon
The part of the neuron that carries impulses towards the cell body is Dendrites
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