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Ocular Disease #1A

Practice Home study Quiz for Lecture 1

What dyes stain both the conjunctiva and cornea? Rose Bengal, Lissamine Green, and FLuramene
What tests for dry eye disease offer the highest percent of accuracy and specificity? Inflammadry for MMP-9 and Tear Osmolarity
What makes dry eye worse? (7) Hormone Replacement therapy and Birth Control Pills / Anti-Histomines / Glaucoma eye drops / HBP meds / Auto-immune diseases / Grave's Disease / Vit. A deficiency
What symptoms may be seen with dry eye disorders? Tearing , Puffy lids, Eyes tired, Intermittent blurred vision with reading, driving , using comptuer
Anterior blepharitis usually involves? Eye lashes
Posterior blepharitis usually involves? Meibomian Glands
What is true for scleral injections (scleritis)? More serious case and may indicate autoimmune disorder
What is used to treat blepharitis? Hot compresses, Massage, Scrubbing lid margins, Possible use of topical anitbiotics
Basic tear secretion for Schirmer test should be at least (after 5 minutes)? 15mm
Tear Break Up Time should not occur before? 10 seconds
Created by: Leequa