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Block lll, Unit 4

Productivity Programs

Airman Powered by Innovation (API) Program (4-1) new idea generation program; AF leadership initiated a streamlining & consolidation effort based on a logical cause and effect assumption that an increase in "good ideas" would result in resource savings and/or improved mission performance
Air Force Man Power Division (AFPC/MA) responsibilities pertaining to API (4-2) (1) Exercise ADCON over API Idea Cell (2) Coordinate all organizational and manpower changes of API Idea Cell with AF/A1 prior to approval and implementation
Airmen Powered by Innovation (API) Idea Cell responsibilities (4-2) (1) Execute and manage API Idea Process (2)assist submitters in quality dev't of idea submission (3) Task OLDM to evaluate ideas and provide approval & implementation decisions (4) monitor each idea through each phase (5) Forward implemented ideas
API Process (4-3) (1)Ideation Phase (ideas generated, screened, & improved); (2)Evaluation Phase-OLDM evaluates idea (3 potential outcomes); (3)Implementation phase-implementation plans are dev. and executed (2 potential outcomes); (4)Hold-the-gains Phase-OLDM confirms
Chief of Staff Team Excellence Award: Purpose (4-4) recognizes outstanging team performance and shares best practices within AF. Promotes systematic approaches to enhance mission capability, improve op performance, and ensure sustained results
Chief of Staff Team Excellence Award: Program Presentation (4-4) Nominated teams present 15 min formal presentation of thier team's story followed by a 10 min Q&A session
AF Productivity Excellence Award: Eligibility (4-5) Individuals or small groups (<6) of mil members or civ employees
Created by: POCRaptors