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Contact Term 3

Chalazion inflammatory enlargement of a meibomian gland in the eyelid
Chemosis severe edema of the conjunctiva
Choroid vascular, intermediate coat that furnishes nourishment to the other parts of the eyeball
Choroiditis inflammation of the choroid and retina
Ciliary body portion of the vascular coat between iris and choroid; consists of ciliary processes and the ciliary muscle
Colobama congenital cleft due to failure of the eye to complete growth in the part affected
Color deficiency diminished ability to perceive difference in color, usually true for reds and greens, rarely for blues and yellows
Cones light sensitive retinal receptor cell that provides sharp visual acuity and color discrimination
Conformer plastic shell sometimes used as a temporary "false eye" after removal of an eye
Conjunctiva Mucous membrane that lines the eyelids and covers the front part of the eyeball
Conjunctivitis inflammation of the mucous membrane lining of the eyelid and/or eyeball
Convergence process of directing the visual axes of the two eyes to a near point with the result that the pupils of the two eyes are closer together
Corneal Dellen localized zone of corneal thinning usually at the edge (limbus) caused by excessive dehydration
Cycloplegic A drug that temporarily puts the ciliary muscle at rest and dilates the pupil; often used to ascertain the error of refraction
Cyst A sac containing fluid
Dacryoadenitis inflammation of the lacrimal gland; often chronic and caused by a granulomatous disease; accute form occurs with mumps and infectious mononucleosis
Dacryocystitis inflammation of the lacrimal sac
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