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Transplantation Imm.

Transplantation Immunology

Rejection occurs due to ? * immune recognition and response to foreign histocompatibility antigens
most important antigens of rejection ? MHC..... * but there are others, so can still reject if all MHCs all line up perfectly
What is the normal role of HLA antigens in the immune response? * Present antigenic peptides to T cells
HLA class 1 = ? * HLA - A, B, C.... * also expresses B2-microglobulin.... * All are in MHC-I
HLA class 2 = ? * All in MHC-II.... * are HLA - DR (a/b), DP (a/b), and DQ (a/b)
How many different HLA molecules are on the cell? * you have both on each cell
expression of alleles of HLA ? * get codominance with Haplotype inheritance of MHC antigens.... * each person has 2 different halotypes for each HLA bc of two parents, but are codominantly expressed
Hyperacute Rejection ? * happens in minutes-hrs and is from anti-donor ABs and complement
Acute Rejection ? * days-weeks and is from cell mediated and humoral .... * primary activation of immune system and T-Cells recognize foreign HLA antigens.... * if Cd4+ is seen, then complement and Ab also mediates this
Chronic Rejection ? * time frame is months-years and MOA is unclear
One of the top drugs for anti-rejection ? * cyclosporine - but have to ween off c it can cause kidney issues
Testing for Donor-Recipient Compatibility in Transplantation ? * 1. ABO Blood typing -- 2. HLA identification (tissue typing) -- 3. Antibody Screening (reactive with HLA) -- 4. Genotyping with PCR and other molecular techniques -- 5. Crossmatching – see if recipient has preformed Abs against donor
Why have we been using more pig transplants ? * lack of human cadaver parts
Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation (HSCT) use and marker for them in the blood ? * Used to treat malignancy, immunodeficiency, bone marrow defects, autoimmunity ..... * CD34 marker
Graft-versus-host disease ? * complication of allogeneic HSCT is graft-versus-host disease (GvHD) ..... * GvHD is caused by mature donor T cells contaminating the HSC inoculum, which can recognize HLA
How to help GVHD ? * help eliminate as many as those mature T-cells as possible, bc once activated, it is pretty much impossible to stop
Acute GVHD = ? * about 3 weeks
Chronic GVHD = ? * months
Helps GVHD a lot ? * matching of the HLA antigens
Created by: thamrick800