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Block lll, Unit 1

Manpower and Organization

Which office is the one stop shop for manpower requirements? (1-1) AFPC/MA
Which office performs manpower studies that apply to more that one MAJCOM or for organizations without a management engineering capability? (1-1) AFPC/MA
Which organization offers tactical level manpower support? (1-2) Base level manpower & org
Which organization verifies & validates local manpower processes? (1-2) Base level manpower & org
Which organization assists functional managers with process improvements for the wing or MAJCOM? (1-2) Base level manpower & org
What are the four manpower core competencies? (1-2) (1)requirements determination (2)program allocation & control (3)organization structure (4)performance improvement
Briefly define the "requirements determination" core competency. (1-2) Process used to determine the amount, type, and makeup of manpower resources required to perform the AF peacetime and wartime missions efficiently and effectively.
Briefly define the "program allocation & control" core competency. (1-3) Ensures sound stewardship of all AF manpower resources
Briefly define the "organizational structure" core competency. (1-3) Process used to ensure AF organizations are structured for efficient and effective mission accomplishment
Which core competency conducts Col, CMSgt,CPG, CME & air crew position review to ensure equitable distribution of spaces? (1-2) Manpower requirements determination
Which core competency processes authorization change request (ACR) which is used to process request changes to the UMD? (1-3) Program Allocation & Control
Which core competency prepares/processes organizational change requests (OCR) which is the formal way to make changes to AF organizations? (1-3) Organization Structure
Which core competency administers Airman Powered by Innovation (API)? (1-3) Performance Improvement
What is the organizational strategy that is primarily used by the AF and is characterized by clear-cut purpose, goal & scope with one person in charge? (1-5) Functional grouping
In the Skip-Echelon Structure, which levels have a full range of staff functions needed to perform tasks? (1-5) MAJCOMS, Wings, Squadrons
In the Skip-Echelon Structure, which levels have minimal or no staff in order to increase operational deficiencies rather than transmit paperwork? (1-5) Numbered AF (NAF), Groups, Flights
Definition: provide legal authority for a new unit (1-5) constitute
Definition: withdraw legal authority for a unit (1-5) disband
Definition: renew legal authorization for a disbanded unit (1-5) reconstitute
Definition: end existence of a unit (1-5) inactivate; Ex-->Unit retains its lineage, history, & honors & is available for activation when needed again
Definition: change name or number of a unit (1-5) redesignate
Created by: POCRaptors