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NAVEDTRA 14295B Ch25

HM Chapter 25: Decedent Affairs

What five programs have been established to carry out the Decedent Affairs Program? Current Death, Graves Registration, Concurrent Return, Return of Remains and Casualty Assistance Calls Program.
What program consists of search, recovery, identification, care and disposition of the remains of decease personnel for whom the DON is responsible? The Decedent Affairs Program
What is OPNAVINST 5360.1? Decedent Affairs Manual
What program provides professional mortuary services, supplies, and related services incident to the care and disposition of remains of persons eligible for these services? Current Death Program
What program is normally operational on a worldwide basis during peacetime, but may also be used during major conflicts? Current Death Program
What program provides for the search, recovery, evacuation to a temporary cemetery or a mortuary, initial identification, disposition of personal effects found, and burial in the temporary cemeteries? Graves Registration Program
This program is only operational when authorized by the responsible commander during major military operations. Graves Registration Program
What program includes the establishment and maintenance of temporary burial sites? Graves Registration Program
What program combines the Current Death Program and Graves Registration Program? Concurrent Death Program
What program provides for the search, recovery, and evacuation of remains to a processing point; identification and preparation of remains in a mortuary; and shipment, for permanent disposition to a final destination designated by the PADD? Concurrent Death Program
Remains buried in temporary cemeteries (under the GR program or in emergencies) will normally be disinterred and evacuated under what program? Concurrent Death Program
What program provides for permanent disposition of remains of persons buried in temporary cemeteries who could not be evacuated under the Concurrent Return Program? Return of Remains Program
When is the Return of Remains Program activated? Only upon the enactment of special legislation
What option will special legislation authorize and give the Person Authorized Direct Disposition(PADD) the choice of? The option of having the remains buried in a permanent American cemetery overseas or shipped to another place of their choosing.
When the Return of Remains Program is activated who is responsible for notifying field activities of its activation? Chief, BUMED
Although integrally related, the ____ is not part of the Decedent Affairs Program. Casualty Assistance Calls Program (CACP)
Who is normally detailed as the Casualty Assistance Calls Officer? A commissioned officer or senior enlisted personnel.
Who helps the PADD and SNOK with problems surrounding the death and provides information? The CACO.
Who provides the PADD and SNOK information on disposition of remains, death gratuity, personal effects, hhg's, POV, claim documents, and SGLI? The CACO.
Who is eligible for Decedent Affairs program benefits? Navy and Marine Corps members who die while serving on active duty or active and inactive duties for training.
Within how many hours after it is determined that a casualty has occurred should a casualty report be submitted? Within four hours
Personnel casualty reports should be sent by what type of message? priority message
Personal notification of the PADD will normally be made between what hours? 0500 and 2400
When a death occurs in CONUS, who is responsible for the personal notification? The members CO.
CACO's are assigned for what period of time? 90 days to 9 months depending on the need of the family
CO's are required to write a letter to the appropriate NOK with how many hours of a casualty? 48 hours
When search, recovery, and identification operations continue for more than 36 hours, chronological progress reports should be dispatched how often? To who? every 24 hours to BUMED
How many statements of recognition will substantiate identification of requirements? a minimum of two
Annual contracts are awarded to funeral directors serving the local area of activities anticipating how many deaths per year? three or more
What are created through the Navy Casualty Office, CNO to a funeral home when an annual contract is not in effect? one time contracts (individual purchase orders)
Embalming, autopsy preparation, dressing, casketing, cosmetics, hair styling, cremation and uniform are all what type of expense? Primary expense
What are secondary expenses? Primary services, funeral service, limousine, single grave plot, vault, horarium, opening and closing the grave, flowers, obituaries, memory folders, prayer cards, cemetery equipment, soloist, and organist
Recovery of remains, removal from home, hospital, or ME's office, delivery of remains to a common carrier terminal , delivery to a mortuar, and transportation or authorized retirees and dependents is what type of expense? Transportation expenses
Remains should be refrigerated at what temperature? 36 to 40F or 2.2 to 4.4C
What is DD form 2064? Certificate of Death (Overseas)
How many signed DD 2064's and DD 565's must accompany the remains? three DD 2064's and two DD 565's
How many sizes of caskets are there? Two
What are the casket sizes? Each is an 18-gauge silver tone metal sealer with a cut top. The standard size casket has internal dimensions of 23 x 78 inches, while the oversize casket has internal dimensions of 25 x 81 inches.
When will burial at see not be accepted? When the mortician is unable to arrest the odor of the remains, because it will detract from the dignity of the ceremony and have a detrimental effect on the crew of the vessel.
What are authorized methods of transportation in the US? government air, commercial air, chartered air taxi, and funeral coach
When death is the result of a contagious or communicable disease how are remains treated? After embalming they are placed immediately in a transfer case or casket, closed immediately and a gummed 2" x 4" label marked CONTAGIOUS will be affixed to the head end of the receptacle
Who are provided to accompany the remains to ensure prompt, safe delivery; to show respect to the decedent as an indication of the Navy's desire to help the NOK? Escorts
It is recommended that an escort be what? A friend of the deceased, from the same unit, same region and preferably of the same religion.
All personnel serving on active duty at the time of their death are eligible for a headstone or marker provided by who? Veteran's Administration (VA)
Unless extraordinary circumstances exist with respect to the condition of remains, interment in national cemeteries will not be made on what days? Saturdays, Sundays, or holidays.
Military honors for interment in national cemeteries are the responsibility of who? the member’s service.
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