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NAVEDTRA 14295B Ch16

HM Chapter 16: Operative Dentistry

The specialty of dentistry that manages the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of the dental pulp and the periradicular tissues that surround the root of the tooth (root canals) Endodontics
The specialized areas of dentistry involved in replacing missing teeth with gold or porcelain prosthesis (crown and bridge) Prosthodontics
The dental specialty involved in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the supporting tissues Periodontics
The specialty of dentistry that is concerned with the supervision, guidance, and correction of growing and mature dentofacial structures (braces and retainers) Orthodontics
__________are used primarily to remove debris from tooth cavities Spoon excavators
________are used to cleave (split) tooth enamel, smooth cavity walls, and sharpen cavity preparations. Chisels
What are used with a pulling motion to smooth and shape the floor and sides of cavity preparations? Hoes
______are used on the wall of the cavity preparation to cleave enamel and cut dentin so there will be a sharp cavity outline. Hatchets
What are used to trim, smooth, and shape the gingival margin of a cavity preparation. GMTs
For GMTs, the working ends of the ___-numbered instruments are designed for use on the distal surfaces, and the ___ numbered instruments are used on the mesial surfaces. even; odd
Generally, the Corpsman prepares the anesthetic syringe with a short needle (____ inch in length) for maxillary injections, and a long needle (____inches in length) for mandibular injections. 13/16; 1-3/16
What clamp # is used for primary teeth? 0
What clamp # is used for small bicuspids? 2
What clamp # is used for anterior teeth? 9
What clamp # is used for Mandibular molars? 7
What clamp # is used for bicuspids and small molars? W3
W8A clamp is used for what? Partially erupted tooth
The clock is divided into four zones of operation: a) Static zone b)Assistant's zone c)Transfer zone d)Operator's zone True
For RIGHT-HANDED dentists, seated to the right of the patient, the operator's zone is between __and __ o'clock, and the assistant's zone is between __ and__ o'clock. 8 & 11; 2 & 4
For left-handed dentists, seated to the right of the patient, the operator's zone is between __ and _between __and __ o'clock. 1 & 4 : 8 & 10
The transfer zone is from ___ o'clock. Instruments and materials are passed and received in this zone over the chest and at the chin of the patient. 4 to 8
The static zone, from ____ o'clock, is a non-traffic area where equipment, such as nitrous oxide, can be placed with the top extending into the assistant's zone 11 to 2
Each type of anesthetic is sealed in a _____ glass carpule 1.8-cc
Mercury Control Program for Dental Treatment Facilities BUMEDINST 6260.30 series
_______ is used as a restorative material on the surfaces of both permanent and primary teeth. Amalgam
One of the most commonly used tooth-colored restorative materials is the composite ______. resin
The three types of composite resins available are: • Macrofilled • Microfilled • Hybrid
Acid-etching the enamel portion of cavity preparations with a 35 to 50 percent solution of _________results in improved retention for resin restorations phosphoric acid
________is generally regarded as the most effective means of topical fluoride treatment. Gel application
The two most common types of chisels are what? Wedenstaedt and biangle chisels
What type of chisels are used for anterior teeth? The Wedenstaedts
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