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NAVEDTRA 14295B Ch12

HM Chapter 12: Inpatient Medical care

What term applies to any person who is receiving diagnostic, therapeutic, and or supportive care for a condition that is not managed by surgical, orthopedic, psychiatric or maternity related therapy? medical patient
What are the two major categories of surgical patients? emergency and elective
What type of surgery is surgery that needs to be done but can be scheduled at a time beneficial to both the patient and the provider? Elective surgery
What four phases does the surgery patient go through? Preoperative, operative, recovery, and postoperative
What phase starts as soon as the patient is taken into the Operating Room? operative phase
What is defined as the loss of sensation that makes a person insensible to pain, with or without loss of consciousness? anesthesia
What anesthesia is used to desensitize a small area of the body for a very short time period? topical anesthetic
What anesthesia consists of the subcutaneous infiltration of a small area of the body with a desensitizing agent? local block
What type of anesthesia consists of injecting the agent into the region of a nerve trunk or other large nerve branches? Nerve block
What anesthesia involves injecting the agent into the subarachnoid space of the spinal canal between the third and forth lumbar and first sacral space of the spinal column? spinal anesthesia
What type of anesthesia consists of injecting the agent into the epidural space of the spinal canal at any level of the spinal column? epidural block
What type of anesthesia consists of injecting the agent into the dural sac at the third and fourth lumbar? saddle block
What form of anesthesia blocks all impulses to and from the perineal area of the body? saddle block
What method of anesthetic effect or loss of sensation range from the umbilicus to the toes? During what stage of general anesthesia does the patient experience dizziness, a sense of unreality, and a lessening sensitivity to pain, also increased sense of hearing?
During what stage of general anesthesia does the patient show evidence of physiological stimulation and the patient may respond violently to very little stimulation? Stage two or the excitement stage
During what stage of general anesthesia is the operation performed? Stage 3 or the surgical/operative stage
What is the fourth stage of general anesthesia? the toxic or danger stage
In a short arm cast, what position is the wrist in? Neutral position
For a long arm cast, what position is the elbow in? 90 degree position
For a short leg cast, what position is the ankle in? neutral 90 degree position
What are the two methods of removing a cast? soaking in warm vinegar/water solution until it dissolves or by cutting
For proper cane fitting the elbow should be flexed how? 15 to 30 degrees
What are the five stages of death? Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance
Hot water bottles should not exceed what temperature? 125 Degrees Fahrenheit, and should be covered
What is the disinfection and sterilization of patient supplies and equipment during hospitalization called? concurrent cleaning
What is the disinfection and sterilization of patient supplies and equipment after the patient is discharged? terminal cleaning
Created by: RabbittDK10
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