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NAVEDTRA 14295B Ch11

HM Chapter 11: Fundamentals of Patient Care

What is the most important part of Navy Medicine's healthcare team? The patient.
What concept refers to the mental, physical and emotional state of being enables the proper performance of one's vital functions? health
What is considered a state of soundness of mind, body, and spirit free of pain or discomfort? wellness
Who has developed standards addressing the rights and responsibilities of patients? The Joint Commission
What refers to a system of moral principles or standards of conduct which govern the appropriate conduct for a person, group or profession? ethics
What is defined as a group of socially learned, shared standards and behavior patterns? Culture
The communication process consists of what four basic parts? The sender, the message, the receiver of the message, and feedback.
What are two basic modes of communication? verbal and nonverbal
What are classifications of barriers to communication? physiological, physical and psychosocial.
What is the physical location where patients experience their first communication encounter with a person representing, in some role, the healthcare facility? Initial Contact Point
What is the place or event where the contact point person and the patient meet? Contact Point
What is defined as "the process that informs, motivates, and helps people adapt and maintain healthful practices and life style"? patient education
What does the navy medical department use to standardize medical evaluation entries made in clinical records? SOAP notes
What does the acronym SOAP stand for? Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan
What part of the SOAP note are symptoms verbally given to the HM by the patient or family member? Subjective
What part of the SOAP is the preliminary diagnosis of the patient? Assessment
What part of the SOAP is the signs the HM can actually see, hear, touch, feel and smell? Objective
What part of the SOAP includes lab, radiology tests, medications, treatment, and patient referral and disposition? Plan
Created by: RabbittDK10
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